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All Your Commercial Cleaning Services Questions Answered

What cleaning tasks does your commercial cleaning service offer?

One answer is that a commercial cleaning service can keep your office and warehouse space organized, your restrooms clean and your tenants satisfied. If you hire a commercial cleaning service like ZBM Clean, you can also request preventative maintenance done around your building, ensuring that your building condition is kept optimal.

The second answer to the question is an itemized list of potential cleaning, organization, preventative maintenance and light construction tasks that can be done at your primary building or rental commercial space. While the list for many commercial cleaning services would stop at cleaning and organization, ZBM professional commercial cleaners can also do preventative maintenance and construction tasks needed around your business, including:

  • cleaning your office kitchen,
  • window and blind cleaning,
  • dusting office cubicles and counters,
  • regular vacuuming,
  • floor cleaning and waxing,
  • parking lot maintenance,
  • refilling supplies in the restroom,
  • landscaping,
  • removing and replacing ceiling tiles,
  • fixing drywall patches,
  • painting walls,
  • fixing and repairing HVAC units,
  • building inner offices,
  • restroom repairs,
  • installing new interior and exterior doors,
  • other facility preventative maintenance.

This list of cleaning and preventative maintenance tasks can be customized to your business’ needs on a schedule you specify. And while this answer is a very long answer to a very common question, ZBM Cleaning can answer other common commercial cleaning questions about cleaning and preventative maintenance tasks with a simple phone call, and back their answer up with prompt and quality cleaning and preventative maintenance service.

What is the cost of a commercial cleaning service?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question, because the cost of a commercial cleaning service depends on what you need done at your business and how often. If you want to get a quote for commercial cleaning services at your business, contact the commercial cleaning service for a quote.

What should I expect from my commercial cleaning service?

You set expectations for your employees, so why shouldn’t you set expectations for your commercial cleaning service? Clearly, you chose and hired your cleaning service for a reason—we wrote about a few of them in our recent blog post. Your office, kitchen, warehouse and overall facility should reflect that, especially if you chose a commercial cleaning service that comes on-site regularly (more than one or two times a month). So what should you expect from my commercial cleaning service?

  • Availability-is the commercial cleaning service available to clean on a schedule you set?
  • Reliability-do they show up and get the job done?
  • Accountability-are their cleaners and managers accountable for the cleaning tasks getting done, and not getting done?
  • Communication-can you reach the company when you need them?
  • Excellent Customer Service-do your concerns get resolved promptly?

Can commercial services do maintenance around my business?

Not every commercial cleaning service does, but ZBM Cleaning does. In addition to offering janitorial services at your company, ZBM also offers:

  • parking lot maintenance,
  • removing and replacing ceiling tiles,
  • fixing drywall patches,
  • painting walls,
  • fixing and repairing HVAC units,
  • building inner offices,
  • restroom repairs,
  • installing new interior and exterior doors,
  • other facility maintenance.

How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service

commercial cleaningCleanliness, as the saying goes, is next to godliness. That’s especially true for a business where operating, and maintaining, a clean facility is good for business. The million dollar question (or thousand or hundred) is: how do you keep your facility clean in the most cost-effective manner? If you’re like many business managers, the answer is outsourcing your cleaning services to a commercial cleaning service. So how do you choose a commercial cleaning service that can meet your needs and facility budget? What is the process for selecting the right commercial cleaning service for your office and warehouse?

Determine what you need

Do an evaluation of your facility to determine what cleaning services are needed for daily operations. Would a daily floor cleaning of your manufacturing plant contribute to productivity? What job responsibilities do you want your employees to focus on? What job responsibilities do you NOT want them to focus on? Do you want your employees to spend their time cleaning the kitchen? Or washing down and restocking the bathrooms? To make this a company-wide effort, ask your managers to contribute a list of cleaning responsibilities that need to be completed in their workspace.

If you need maintenance at your facility as well, be even more selective about your commercial cleaning service. Choose a cleaning service that offers maintenance services such as power washing, parking lot maintenance, light construction projects, and minor HVAC and electrical repairs. If you need these additional services from your commercial cleaning service, make sure that you ask prospective services if they offer maintenance services and narrow your options to only those commercial cleaning services.

Set a schedule

Commercial cleaning services do the cleaning jobs that you request. Once you have your list of cleaning tasks you need done, determine the frequency you need cleaning at your facility. Do you need a daily cleaning or weekly cleaning? If you need maintenance, how often do you want the maintenance done? Your company sets the schedule. Also what is the optimal time for the commercial cleaning service to begin and finish? Do you want the cleaning service to come in the evening? Early morning? Overnight?

Consider dates for a deep cleaning as well, and how often you want a complete cleaning or facility needed. These tasks can be done on as-needed basis, or on set dates during company shut-downs.

Request a Quote

Once you’ve got a final list of cleaning tasks that need to be completed, request quotes from local commercial cleaning services. Because commercial cleaning services do the cleaning (and maintenance) you need done on a schedule you dictate, understand that the service is not going to be able to give you an immediate answer.

Ask the Right Questions

When you contact commercial cleaning services, be prepared with a list of questions to ensure you get the best results quickly and efficiently:

Service specifics. Be prepared to discuss the cleaning jobs you need completed, your preferred schedule, maintenance tasks, and any other special request you may have.

Proof of Insurance. Ask the commercial cleaning service for information about their proof of insurance, just in case any items at your business are damaged.

References. Ask for references from commercial cleaning services that can provide the cleaning and maintenance services you need at a price within your budget. A commercial cleaning service can provide references from present clients who use their services.

Review the contract

When you’ve narrowed your list of commercial cleaning services, request a draft of the contract for your company’s review. Once your business is satisfied, enjoy the result: a clean workplace that’s good for business—and conducive to growing your business.