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6 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Burst Pipe

water splash from frozen burst home pipeWhen the mercury drops below freezing, your home becomes susceptible to a host of problems, not the least of which is frozen pipes. When a frozen pipe turns into your worst nightmare—a massive burst pipe spewing water—turn off the water and electricity (if the water is coming into contact with electrical appliances), thaw your pipes (we found good directions on how here) and call a plumber for repair. But what do you do after the plumber has repaired your burst pipe? What do you do about the drywall damage, wet floors, and soaked belongings?

Document the damage.

Take pictures of the flooded area and damaged pipes for insurance.

Start drying out your home.

Turn off the power if the water is coming into contact with electrical components.  Use a wet vac and towels to clean up the water. Don’t pull up a tacked-down carpet unless you intend to replace it because the carpet can shrink as it dries out. Plug in fans and dehumidifiers if you can do so safely without risk of electrocution.

Move your wet items to a dry area.

Move items to a dry area where they can dry out without doing any damage. For example, if you have a wooden table that is damp or wet, move it to your dry, warm basement where you can put fans to dry it out. Do not move your table to an area where there are wooden floors that could damage or warp from the moisture.

Contact your home insurance.

Call your home insurance company to find out if frozen pipes and the resulting damage is covered under your home insurance policy. Keep receipts of any expenses incurred during your clean-up and careful records of items that were ruined or damaged in the water. If your insurance company needs to send a representative out to survey the damage, make sure you don’t make any major repairs to the area until the representative has visited.

Fix the cause of the frozen pipes.

Once you have things squared away with your insurance company, fix the cause of the frozen pipes. You may have a problem with insufficient insulation or need to relocate your exposed pipes to prevent the problem—and all the mess—from happening again.

Call a cleaning service.

This may sound like an odd suggestion, but if the damage from your burst pipe(s) is severe, you’re going to need professional help to make repairs, clean up the water, and prevent any mold from creeping up in the affected area of your home. Don’t just call any cleaning service; call a cleaning service with experience with water clean-up. These cleaning companies have all the expertise you need, experience working directly with insurance companies, and the knowledge to make the repairs (drywall repair, floor replacement, etc.) to get your home looking better than it did before you had the frozen pipe.

Tips from the Pros: 5 Ways to Keep Your Office Clean

bright empty office indoor with computers after commercial cleaningThere is always room for improvement in business. Your building doesn’t have to be classified a pig sty to step up your commercial cleaning efforts. From your production floor to the office, take measures to make cleaning a top priority at your company—and get the professional-looking results that make the initiative worth the effort.

Identify your company’s cleaning needs

Before you begin cleaning or requesting anyone clean your building, do a complete evaluation of your facility. Identify areas that should be cleaned on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and ways you can prevent damage to your facilities. For example, if you are noticing damage to flooring near your entryways, invest in quality mats to protect your building floors. Schedule regular floor cleanings as an additional prevention measure. As you do your evaluation, don’t forget to include exterior cleaning and maintenance needs on your list. Evaluate your needs, and the ability of your staff to handle those responsibilities.

Get your employees on board your cleaning plan

Once you’ve made a plan to keep your facilities clean, designate specific cleaning tasks to the appropriate departments and employees. Be very clear about who is the responsible party so they are held accountable, and why the cleaning task needs to be accomplished on a regular basis. Make the initiative a company-wide effort. Communicate regularly about your initiative, along with friendly tips for keeping the office and other facilities clean.

Clear clutter

Sick of the piles of paper that clutter the tops of desks and filing cabinets? Create an (organized) electronic storage system for all your paper documents. Talk to your IT staff about creating a regular back up schedule so you don’t lose any important data.

Ensure that you have the correct cleaning supplies

If you want your employees to maintain a clean workplace, make sure you have the correct cleaning supplies to get the job done. Stock cleaning wipes so employees can clean their computers and other electronics—especially when an illness is going through the building. Keep dish soap on hand for cleaning lunch plates and silverware. If you stock any cleaning supplies that can injure your employees if not used properly, establish protocols for safe use.

Hire a cleaning service during your off hours

Don’t compromise the ability of your staff to deliver the services or products you pay them for in your effort to keep your company clean. Evaluate your options for cleaning: does it make more cents (pun intended) to hire additional staff or outsource your cleaning to a professional commercial cleaning company. Use our tips to select the right company for your cleaning needs; if you need a company that provides commercial cleaning and exterior maintenance, add that to your criteria list. Once you’ve established your criteria, contact a cleaning company that fits your needs for a free quote. To ensure that your company operations are not interrupted, request that all cleaning tasks happen when you have a light staff on hand or after they’ve gone home.

6 Winter Floor Cleaning Tips that Keep Your Floors Looking Great

Portrait of young beautiful woman lying on clean floor with laptop at homeWinter is officially here! Winter brings out snowmen, sledding, and all the ice and snow that comes with it. That snow and ice also comes into your house, leaving you with water puddles, mud, and gravel all over your floors. Floors you’ve invested a great deal of money (and effort) in to keep them looking great. So how do you can you keep your wood floors, tile, laminate, and carpet looking great in spite of the grime that comes with winter?

Put down rugs.

Rugs are a must for protecting your floors. Place rugs by all your doors and in high-traffic areas of your home to protect the flooring underneath.

Clean off your pets’ paws when they come in.

Keep a towel by the door so you can intercept your pets when they come in from outside. Wipe off their paws so you can avoid muddy tracks, and keep all the water and stones off your floor.

Have your family (and your guests) leave their shoes at the door.

If you don’t want to clean up the debris and puddles, don’t let it come in. Ask your family members and guests to take off their shoes when they enter your home.

Don’t hang up wet clothes over your wood floor.

When taking off snow pants, mittens, hats, scarves, and jackets after heading out into the snow, hang up your wet snow clothes in an area with tile or vinyl flooring (floors that don’t warp from water). If the only are you have for hanging clothes has laminate or wood flooring, put a mat over the floor to prevent water damage.

Sweep or dry mop your floors daily.

If you can’t tackle this task daily, try to get to it as often as you can or include it on the list of cleaning tasks you leave for your home cleaner. Sweeping allows you to remove the gravel and debris that was tracked in off your floors, reducing the chance for damage to your floor.

Make vacuuming a habit.

Vacuuming your carpet has the same effect that sweeping has on your wood floor. Vacuuming removes the debris that gets trapped in the fibers from regular foot traffic.

Schedule a regular deep clean to clean off the grime.

If you don’t have time to follow all these floor cleaning tips, contact a cleaning service for a free quote. Cleaning services do whatever cleaning tasks you request on a schedule you specify—keeping your home clean and your floors looking like they never had to deal with snow and mud of winter.