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4 Tips for Keeping Your Business Clean on a Budget

office that was kept clean on a budgetThere are a lot of compelling reasons to keep your business clean: employee productivity, reducing sick days, customer impressions of your business. Getting all those benefits can be a challenge on a small business budget, but the effort to keep your business clean on a budget is possible if you follow a few simple tips to keep your cleaning budget on course.

Involve your employees

To be clear: you don’t want your employees cleaning constantly instead of doing their jobs, but you can empower your employees to be an integral part of keeping your business clean. Lead the effort by setting a stellar example, and craft a clear plan to maintain your exterior and interior cleanliness. Once you’ve made a plan to keep your business clean, designate specific cleaning tasks to the appropriate departments and employees. Be very clear about who is the responsible party for each cleaning task so they are held accountable, and why the cleaning task needs to be accomplished on a regular basis. Make the initiative a company-wide effort.

Concentrate your cleaning budget on key areas

If your cleaning budget is tight, focus on key areas of your building: restrooms, entry way, kitchen, production floor—whatever area of your building is used often or is seen by clients and vendors. Schedule regular deep cleanings so you don’t get so far behind on your cleaning that you have to spend additional dollars to get your building clean.

Don’t just worry about the inside

No matter how tight your budget, cleanliness is not just about first impressions but about protecting yourself. Allocate part of your budget for keeping your parking lot and building exterior clean and kept to protect yourself from legal action in case of an accident. If you want to consolidate your expenses, hire a cleaning company that can handle your interior and exterior maintenance.

Hire a cleaning service during your off hours

We’ve given you tips to select the right company for your cleaning needs in a past blog post. Once you’ve established your criteria, contact a cleaning company that fits your needs (and your cleaning budget) for a free quote. To ensure that your business operations are not interrupted, request that all cleaning happen when you have a light staff on hand or when your business is empty.

6 Winter Cleaning Tasks to Tackle While It’s Cold

cleaning suppliesWe’ve all heard of spring cleaning. However, studies have shown that Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors during the winter; why shouldn’t you take the time to do winter cleaning since you’re stuck indoors anyways? (You’ll have more time to go outside when the spring weather comes!)

Change the furnace filter

A dirty furnace compromises the efficiency of your furnace, so make sure you change your filter every 1-2 months. If you have smoke or have a lot of pets, you may need to change your furnace more often. Changing your furnace filter also has another benefit: an efficient-running furnace uses less energy too.

Clean out the fridge (and on top of it and behind and…)

Get your fridge in the same efficient order as your furnace. Vacuum behind the fridge, and clean out any rotting contents. Remove everything from your refrigerator so you can get all drawers and shelves clean. Use a wash cloth or sponge and soapy water to wipe every part of your fridge clean, then focus your efforts on the top of the refrigerator.

Organize the basement

Start by sorting your basement clutter into piles of “office supplies,” “outgrown clothes,” and any other piles with a commonality, along with a pile of “don’t need anymore.” Donate or give away items that don’t fit, don’t get used, or won’t get used any time soon. If you donate to a charitable organization, keep a record of the items you donate for a possible tax deduction.

Prevent another basement mess by investing in a new storage system, such as a series of drawers or shelves or an armoire where you can keep things. If you don’t have time to take on the task, hire a cleaning service to take on the project and clean your basement space so you’re clear of that stuff forever. Leave clear instructions on what you want done with the stuff, or how you want it organized.

Clean the inside of your windows

No one wants to be outside in the biting winds getting frostbite from our cold Wisconsin winter. Go after the window cleaning problem from the inside; use a rag to wipe down the window frame, and a second soft non-abrasive cloth for wiping the glass.

Dust your fans

Ceiling fans can get ridiculously full of dust, making winter the ideal time to wipe the dust off the blades and top of fan. Remove your light globes and wash them in warm, soapy water.

Clean the floors

Clean the grout in your tile floors. Have your carpets professionally cleaned to get the allergens out while you’re trapped inside. Mop your tile and vinyl floors. Since you’re stuck inside, you might as well give those floors a deep clean while you have the time. If you don’t have the time, hire a cleaning service to clean your floors and give your home the deep clean it deserves. A quality home cleaner can get your house ready for spring—and give you the time to head outside when the temps start to rise.

3 BIG Reasons to Schedule a Commercial Floor Cleaning

yellow caution sign regarding wet floor that was cleaned by a commercial cleaning serviceThe forces of winter can have a significant impact on businesses. From the interruptions in productivity due to snow removal to delays in shipping, winter weather affects almost every aspect of day-to-day operations—including your facility flooring. While a commercial floor cleaning may seem insignificant, a good quality floor cleaning can have a positive effect in three important areas of your business.

Lengthen the life of your floors

Are your floors turning white from the salt and melting snow? If they are, you’re not alone. Office areas, production floors, and warehouses are all targets of damage from employees trekking in salt and snow from the sidewalks and parking lot. That salt and snow can get ground deep into your carpet fibers and tiles, causing long-term damage and earlier-than-normal replacement rates.

Decrease liability

The build-up of dirt, grime, and salt can cause your workplace floors to get slippery over time.   Though you and your employees may not notice at first, or dismiss it as a normal part of day-to-day operations, a slick floor can cause slips, falls, and the resulting injuries. An investment in a quality floor cleaning saves you the headaches and expenses of worker compensation claims later.

Maintain your professional image

A commercial floor cleaning can add value to your company in an abstract area: your professional image. As clients and vendors come through your doors, they build an opinion of your company, product, and services based on the cleanliness of your facilities. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to maintain your professional image: all you have to do is contact a reliable, experienced commercial cleaning company with an optimal date and time. A good company can meet your time frame when employees are not on the floor (i.e. overnight, early morning, late evening, etc) and leave you with a clean floor you’ll be proud to show off—and makes good cents in the long-run.