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Quick Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

home bathroom ready for spring cleaningYour bathroom is one of the most vulnerable to messes and germs (especially a kids’ bathroom!) for obvious reasons, so make sure to roll up your sleeves and tackle your bathroom as part of your spring cleaning project.  It seems that almost every surface of your bathroom can get full of dust and grime, so make sure you start at the top of your checklist and don’t stop until you get to the bottom.  Depending on the amount of bathrooms you have, the task could be immense. Consider contacting a cleaning service so you get a clean bathroom without spending the day (or days) giving your bathrooms the deep clean it deserves.

  • Get rid of all of your towels, linens, and rugs while cleaning.
  • Dust the top and clean your mirror.
  • Wash curtains.
  • Dust any curtain rods.
  • Wash windows.
  • Wash down your toilet from top to bottom (take special care around the base and bottom of the toilet).
  • Wash down your countertop and splash guard.
  • Spray and scrub tile grout on your floors and in your shower.
  • Scrub your tub.
  • Wash the top of a tub surround.
  • Wash the shower curtain.
  • Clean a shower door.
  • Vacuum and clean your bathroom fan and vents.
  • Turn off and wipe down your light fixture.
  • Wash the walls and ceiling.
  • Dust and wipe down your trim and cabinets.
  • Deep clean your floor.

Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to contact the pros about your spring cleaning.

8 Signs You Need a House Cleaner

happy family in clean houseAdmitting you need help cleaning your house can be difficult.  After all, you’re an independent adult, a diligent worker, and an accomplished multi-tasker, right? Turns out, no.  Even with your best efforts, keeping a clean house, maintaining a full work schedule, plus having time for fun and hobbies, and…well, it all adds up.  Hiring a professional house cleaner can take at least one item off your to do list, and keep your household functioning at max capacity.  So when do you know when it’s time to hire a house cleaner?  We’ve listed some red flags that should cause you to pick up the phone (or the laptop).

You lose everything.

Even if it’s just psychological, most families can function better in a clean house. Part of that is the fact that it’s easier to find what you need (such as that shirt for your kid’s concert) and stay organized when you don’t have to wade through the piles of dust and stuff.

You (or someone in your home) have allergies or asthma.

If you can’t dust without an asthma or allergy attack, hire a house cleaner who can get the job done without an inhaler.  A house cleaner can also keep your home cleaner, improving the air quality and lessening your symptoms from household dust.

You’re selling your home.

A dirty house is going to drive away potential buyers by droves.  Even if you’ve never hired a house cleaner before, consider hiring a house cleaner for a deep clean.  Your house cleaner can scrub your tubs and tile, deep clean your floors, and give your home the full once-over that attracts buyers.

You panic every time someone says they’re coming over.

Entertaining should be a pleasant experience, not an “I-didn’t-clean-my-house-and-I’m-stressed-about-what-they’ll-think” kind of event where you are paranoid about every speck of dust that you didn’t have time to clean.  Hire a house cleaner that can keep your home clean in between guests so it’s easier to prepare for friends and family visits.

You feel like you spend all your time cleaning.

Whether your priorities have names, or are hobbies, you don’t always want to spend all your spare time cleaning your home. Hiring a home cleaning service gives you the freedom to spend you off-time off. If you travel for work, having outside cleaning help means a clean home, and someone to check in on your home (to make sure the pipes haven’t burst!), when you are away.

You feel overwhelmed by all the clutter.

If the pile of stuff in your home is giving you a panic attack, it’s time to make less clutter a priority—without having to take off from work.  Hire a home cleaner to start cleaning out your home so you can enjoy homeownership.

You need to prioritize your time.

The old saying, “time is money” applies here.  If you need time to work—time that’ll make you money instead of spending it cleaning—hire a house cleaner to come in while you work.  Your house cleaner can get your home as clean as you would (and all the tasks you request) while you pad your pocketbook.

You’re sick of the dust that piles up while you’re not around.

If you travel a lot, and the dust just piles up when you’re gone, hire a house cleaning service that can take care of your home while you’re away.  The perk is that when you are home, you can just be…home.  And not cleaning.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Company Restrooms Clean

commercial restroom signsCleaning your commercial restroom is not for the faint of heart, but it’s incredibly important in maintaining a safe facility for your employees and making a good impression on your clients and vendors.

Be clear about your expectations.

Create a checklist for employees responsible for restroom cleaning, and evaluate the quality of their cleaning on a regular basis.  Depending on your specific facility bathroom, your restroom cleaning checklist should include:

  • Emptying trash (main trash can and restroom stalls).
  • Putting new bags in trash cans.
  • Washing down counters and mirrors.
  • Refilling soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and toilet seat liners/covers).
  • Cleaning toilets and urinals (bowl, seat, handle, and tank).
  • Disinfecting handles (toilet and paper towel dispenser), door knobs, and faucets.
  • Sweeping and mopping floor.

Make sure you use the correct commercial cleaners.

To make the job easier and more efficient, get commercial cleaning products that can get the job done.  For handles and faucets, purchase disinfecting products that can prevent the spread of illness and infections (i.e. cold viruses, stomach flu, influenza, hepatitis, etc.) which can reduce employee productivity and increase the amount of sick days taken by employees.  Compile all your cleaning supplies into one container—and do not use these cleaners for other cleaning tasks—to ensure that employees can find supplies and get the job done quickly.

Supply protective equipment for employees cleaning your commercial restrooms.

Read the labels of your bathroom cleaning products carefully, and protect your employees accordingly.  Don’t underestimate the need for protective equipment that can protect your janitors or employee cleaners.  Provide gloves, masks, ‘wet floor’ signs, and other protective equipment that can prevent injuries and long-term health issues.  Do not use sponges for commercial restroom cleanings, which can be a prime carrier of bacteria.

Make restroom cleaning a regular task.

How often should you clean your commercial restrooms?  The answer depends on how many people (employees, vendors, clients, customers, etc.) are using your restroom.  If your restroom is frequently used by many people, schedule a regular restroom cleaning several times a day (or outsource to a company that can).  For a company restroom used by a smaller group, a daily or several times a week cleaning should be sufficient.  Remember, more smaller cleanings not only make a good impression on your clients, customers, and vendors, but also reduces the work load during a deep cleaning.

Schedule a deep clean.

Depending on the amount of use of your commercial restroom, schedule an annual or bi-annual deep clean of your commercial restrooms (this can also be advantageous during times when a contagious illness is spreading throughout your business).  A company restroom deep cleaning should include all the elements of a regular cleaning plus:

  • grout and tile scrubbing,
  • thorough cleaning of all toilets (top to bottom) and any spaces that don’t get cleaned often (behind toilets, toilet stall walls, sanitary containers, etc.),
  • disinfection of all surfaces,
  • cleaning and removing graffiti,
  • washing down walls.

If you can, schedule your cleanings during slow times, such as over the holiday break or late in the evening, when there is not a lot of traffic entering and exiting the restrooms.  If you don’t have employee availability or a large enough staff for an adequate deep clean, hire a cleaning service to take on the job (tips on how to select a commercial service for the job here).  A commercial cleaning service has the availability and professionally trained staff to tackle your commercial restroom deep clean—and maintain the cleanliness and function you are trying to accomplish in your facility and office.

Your Complete Home Spring Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist

cleaning supplies to get items done on spring cleaning and maintenance checklistSpring is here!  Time to roll up your sleeves and tackle the annual spring cleaning and maintenance that comes with home ownership.  We’ve given you a few tips on how to get your spring cleaning done in a recent article, but if you just don’t have the time to check all the items off your home spring cleaning and maintenance checklist don’t hesitate to hire the pros to get it done.

Spring Cleaning

  • Clean your appliances (including dishwasher, fridge, washer or stove).
  • Dust inside of cabinets.
  • Remove spider web.
  • Clean your windows.
  • Dust ceiling fans and wash light fixture coverings.
  • Clean blinds and curtains.
  • Clean top of cabinets.
  • Clean tile grout.
  • Deep clean carpet and floors.
  • Clean vent covers.
  • Wash comforters and quilts.
  • Clean the stone and tile around your fireplace and mantle.
  • Wash kitchen walls.
  • Clean sliding door tracks.
  • Scrub down showers.

Spring Maintenance

  • Power wash your siding and sidewalks.
  • Seal driveway cracks.
  • Clean and maintain your AC.
  • Inspect your roof for warped or damaged shingles.
  • Check for leaks around windows and exterior door frames.
  • Inspect your fireplace and chimney.
  • Sharpen mower blades and clean out last year’s lawn clippings.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.