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4 Tips for Keeping Your Company Floors Safe

company building covered in snow that can get tracked in and cause workplace injuriesWhen our Wisconsin winter kicks into full force, it’s not unusual for company hallways and floors to turn into a winter hazard.  All the snow and ice gets tracked in your office area, warehouse, production and shipping departments; the result is a slippery, dirty surface ripe for slips, trips, and falls, which costs U.S. companies billions every year (yes, billions not millions).  The good news is that there are steps your company can take to minimize the risk of workplace injuries to your employees and guests.

Make clean walks a priority.

If you want to keep the snow out of your hallways and floors, start your effort on the exterior or your building.  Contract your snow removal to an outside company or send an employee out to clean the driveway and parking lots before employees start to arrive. Assign an employee to clean your walks or add the responsibility of clean sidewalks to the list of tasks your snow removal vendor.

Put rugs by all the doors.

Rugs can be a valuable asset in your company’s effort to keep your floors dry and safe.  Locate your rugs strategically by all entrances and exits.  If the door is used heavily, get rugs that are big and long enough to be used by all the boots and footwear that comes in and out.

Keep up on regular maintenance.

Keeping your sidewalks and lots clean, and your interior floor dry and safe is an on-going responsibility.  Don’t settle for a one-time clean.  Send employees out regularly to keep the walks clean, or request that your snow removal vendor return to keep your exterior clean and well-kept.  In the same way, send your cleaning or maintenance crew to keep hallways and floors dry throughout the day.

Schedule a deep clean during company shutdown.

Even the busiest companies shut down or run with a minimal crew during off peak hours.  Take advantage of those times.  Contact a commercial cleaning company to deep clean your floors during shutdowns and off-peak hours.  Floors that aren’t regularly clean can lose traction and compromise the safety of your facility.

4 FAST Tips that Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays (Faster)

thanksgiving meal at a home clean and ready for thanksgivingLife gets busy around the holidays.  Life gets busier when you’re the host of the next family holiday.  So how do you get your home ready for the influx of family, friends, and guests quickly…and without turning your home into chaos?  Use these tips to get your home clean faster for your next family holiday so you can host the best family holiday EVER.

Have a plan

A clean house doesn’t mean much if your guests are waiting to eat their Thanksgiving or holiday dinner until midnight.  Plan out your day so you can accomplish both goals: dinner ready and your home clean.  Do as much meal prep as possible in advance, and ask your guests (if possible) to bring a fair amount of the meal.  On the day of, even if you have a fair amount of cleaning to do, schedule your day so you can get the turkey or main course in the oven, and set alarms throughout the day so you can keep an eye on it during the day.

Bring in help

When it comes to preparing your home for a holiday dinner, dividing and conquering is the way to go.  To make the most of your time, make a list of cleaning tasks that need to be done.  Ask members of your family to do specific tasks off the list.  If the list is too long, or you don’t have time to tackle everything (especially the deep cleaning), bring in the pros to get your house ready (you don’t have to tell your guests!).

Be efficient

When time is tight, make every movement count.  Know what you need for each project and put all your cleaning supplies into a bin so you don’t have to run back and forth for cleaners and brushes.  This simple step saves you time from continually running back and forth for what you need.

Devote your efforts to the important areas

As much as you want to clean out your closets or organize your craft room, put your time and energy into the areas that your guests are going to be in.  Deep clean your bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and any other places that are going to be used for your holiday gathering.  Don’t be afraid to close doors to untidy rooms, and to bring in help to get your home cleaned for the holidays.  You’ll be glad you did when you’re receiving all those compliments on your clean and beautiful house.