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6 Tips for Cleaning Up after the Holidays

Christmas border with red ornamentCould your home be labeled a holiday disaster zone? Is your floor hidden under a mess of wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and pine needles? Have you lost track of the carpet stains because of all the holiday parties? Once the holiday cheer is done—or at least the family gatherings are—it can seem impossible to take back your house. Don’t get overwhelmed. There is hope, and a few tips you can use to conquer the holiday mess after all the fun is done.

Divide and conquer

If you have a family of helpers, take advantage. Make a list of cleaning tasks that need to be done, divide the tasks, and designate a day to get to it. Or split up your house by rooms and have each member of your family get it back in order.

Carry your cleaning tools around for fewer interruptions

When you start cleaning your home, gather all your supplies before the cleaning begins. If you do so, you won’t have to stop your cleaning to go after another bottle of cleaner. You can just keep moving from room to room, cleaning as you go—and finishing your holiday cleaning sooner.

Schedule a carpet cleaning

Did an overexcited relative accidentally dump wine on your carpet? Did one of your youngest guests drop their dinner on your new rug? If you have too many stains on your carpet to count, or you’re worried that you’ll never get a serious stain out, bring in the professionals to give your carpet a deep clean.

Disassemble your tree with care

Don’t just pull all the lights off the tree, and throw the ornaments in a box. If you have a real holiday tree, take care when you remove garland, ornaments, and lights off your tree to minimize the amount of needles that hit the floor. As a preventative measure, test your lights to make sure there aren’t any lights out, and wrap them carefully so you don’t have to deal with a tangled light strand next year.

Sort before you store

Try to avoid throwing a pile of presents into a room and closing the door. Sort through your holiday gifts, organize them, and put each gift in a designated place.

Call in the professionals

If you don’t have time to divide and conquer, contact a professional cleaner to get your home under control. You don’t have to pay for a cleaning service doesn’t have to clean your whole home (unless you want them to). Instead, you can give them a list of tasks you don’t have time (or want) to do. The result is a clean house—a true (after) holiday gift.

4 BIG Tips that’ll Get Your Home Clean for the Holidays (Faster!)

Christmas muffinsIf your home looks like a disaster zone and you have a house full of guests arriving for the holidays, it’s time to utilize these hacks to get your home in prime shape (FAST!)

Start early.

The holidays are busy.  If you can find even a few minutes, start tackling any cleaning tasks possible to give you a head start.  If you don’t have any time, contact a cleaning service.  A cleaning service has a few advantages over a private cleaner at the holidays.  The main advantage is that they have many professional cleaners available, whereas a private cleaner may be too busy for last minute holiday cleaning.

Put your cleaning supplies in a carrier.

 When you start cleaning your home, gather all your supplies before the cleaning begins. If you do so, you won’t have to stop your cleaning to go after another bottle of cleaner. You can just keep moving from room to room, cleaning as you go—and getting done sooner.

Allocate your time to the cleaning that counts.

If you need to get ready for a party, make sure you put your efforts into the areas your guests are going to be in.  This is not the time for organizing your basement or double rinsing your dishes.  Instead put your efforts into cleaning your kitchen, guest room, and any other areas that need to be cleaned for the holidays.

Stop the dirt at the door.

If you want to keep your floors—and your home—clean, stop all the snow, dirt, and gravel from being tracked into your home.  Place rugs by all the doors. Ask guests to take off their shoes at the door when they arrive. If possible, use a mudroom as a staging area for your kids, pets, and guests to shed the dirt and snow before they track it into your home.

Holiday Party Cleaning Tips: 5 Cleaning Tips that’ll Get Your Home Ready

Christmas decor ready for home holiday partyThrowing a holiday party at your home doesn’t have to be a holiday nightmare if you follow these simple tasks that help you keep your sanity—and your home clean and shiny for your next holiday party.

Don’t procrastinate.

Easier said than done when you’re gift shopping, decorating, and making a million other holiday preparations, right?  Finding a few minutes for washing floors or cleaning your bathroom tub and shower can get you ahead as you mark off items on your party cleaning checklist.  Try to keep your home as clean as possible right up until the day of your holiday party.

Clean before you decorate.

As beautiful as your holiday decorations may be, make sure you don’t do these two important steps in reverse.  Clean the surfaces you decorate, then put up your decorations.  Doing so saves you a lot of grief because your decorations won’t be covered in dust, and you won’t be moving your decorations to dust and clean under them.

Bring in the pros when you don’t have time to clean.

There is no shame in bringing in a ‘cleaning lady’ to get your home in order, especially when you’re down to the wire.  If time is an issue, contact a cleaning service instead of an individual cleaner as they may have more available cleaners during the busy holiday season.  Cleaning services also have proper insurance and back-ups just in case your scheduled cleaner catches a bug or has an emergency (here’s how to choose the best cleaning company).

Be efficient during the ‘big’ clean.

When you do clean before the festivities start, be efficient.  Store all your cleaners in a bucket or some kind of carrying case and take them with you as you clean.  This saves you time (and effort!) so you’re not running all over the house looking for cleaning supplies.


If you have limited time for cleaning, don’t waste your time cleaning behind your refrigerator or reorganizing your linens closet.  Devote your efforts to what needs to be done for your party.  There is always time for the other tasks later—or pros that you can hire for those deep clean jobs later.