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10 Ways to Keep Your Floor Clean of All the Ice & Snow

woman with laptop on clean floor not full of ice and gravelThe old images of winter involve softly falling snow—not ice, rain, and sleet.  However, when the weather adds a few more kinds of precipitation into the mix (namely rain and ice), it’s time to start going on the defense to protect your floors from all the water and mud that Mother Nature decides to throw our way.

Clean your driveway and sidewalks so they are clear of gravel and water.

The first line of defense is to stop the tracking of ice and water at the source.  Make sure you shovel and use salt to keep your walks safe—and all the ice and grime off your shoes when you come in.

Put down rugs outside and inside.

Especially if you use salt and sand for traction, make sure you use rugs outside your exterior doors so your guests can wipe off their shoes before they come in.  On the inside, use runners and rugs to catch water and grit that gets tracked inside.

Wipe off your pets’ paws before they enter.

Train your pets to stop at the door before they come in so you can wipe off their paws.  Keep a towel close by so you can make sure they don’t leave dirty foot prints all over your house.

Don’t let your guests wear shoes when they come in.

You’re not being rude if you ask your guests to remove their shoes before they come in.  Keep a convenient mat by all your doors for shoes and boots so they are convenient for your guests.

Have a system for drying out your winter gear.

Puddles are the enemy for hardwood and laminate floors.  Set up an area where your winter jackets, snow pants, hats, and mittens can dry out without damaging your wood and laminate floors.

Make sweeping and dry mopping part of your daily routine.

Regular maintenance can keep your floors in tip-top shape.  Make sure you sweep up gravel so your floors don’t get scratched or damaged by all the grit that gets tracked in.

Vacuum regularly to keep your carpets in excellent shape.

Carpets can hide a lot of the grit that gets tracked in.  To keep them in fine shape, make sure you clean them regularly so the grit and dirt don’t wear them down.

Keep a rag on hand to clean up puddles so they don’t damage your floor.

To keep your hardwood and laminate floors from warping or getting water damage, keep a rag close at hand so standing water is not standing on your floors.

Deep clean your wood and hard floors.

Make sure you deep clean your floors from time to time, but be careful about using products that could take the finish off of your hardwood floors.  To make sure you get a deep clean that doesn’t damage your floors, be selective about the products you use or hire the experts to deep clean your floors.

Get your carpets cleaned twice a year to remove allergens.

In addition to a regular vacuuming, schedule a carpet cleaning twice a year to deep clean your carpets and keep them looking great.  Trust us, a good professional carpet clean makes your carpets look like it’s not icing and snowing and raining and doing whatever else Mother Nature throws at you.


What can a cleaning service do for your business?

The question, “what can a cleaning service do for your business?” is a loaded question with a two-fold answer. One answer is that a commercial cleaning service can keep your office and warehouse space organized, your restrooms clean and your tenants satisfied. If you hire a commercial cleaning service like ZBM Clean, you can also request preventative maintenance done around your building, ensuring that your HVAC unit lasts longer and your building condition is prime.

The second answer to the question is an itemized list of potential cleaning, organization, preventative maintenance and construction tasks that can be done at your primary building or rental commercial space. While the list for many commercial cleaning services would stop at cleaning and organization, ZBM professional commercial cleaners can also do preventative maintenance and construction tasks needed around your business, including:

  • cleaning your office kitchen,
  • window and blind cleaning,
  • dusting office cubicles and counters,
  • regular vacuuming,
  • floor cleaning and waxing,
  • parking lot maintenance,
  • refilling supplies in the restroom,
  • landscaping,
  • removing and replacing ceiling tiles,
  • fixing drywall patches,
  • painting walls,
  • fixing and repairing HVAC units,
  • building inner offices,
  • restroom repairs,
  • installing new interior and exterior doors,
  • other facility preventative maintenance.

This list of cleaning and preventative maintenance tasks can be customized to your business’ needs on a schedule you specify. And while this answer is a very long answer to a very common question, ZBM Cleaning can answer other common commercial cleaning questions about cleaning and preventative maintenance tasks with a simple phone call, and back their answer up with prompt and quality cleaning and preventative maintenance service.

Outsource versus in-house: What option is right for your company cleaning?

office space in a facility where they are analyzing outsourcing or in-house cleaningEvery company manager has to answer the question at some point: “should our company hire an employee or cleaning crew for our facility?”  As tempting as it might be to answer with “well, we’ve always done it this way,” the question should be analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis to determine which cleaning solution is right for the future.

Cost is obviously an important factor in your analysis, and determining cost can be started with a list.  Make a list of all the cleaning tasks your company needs, both interior and exterior.  Make sure you include any tasks that your maintenance crew is currently responsible for, if you want to allocate their time to other jobs (i.e. preventative machine maintenance, repairs, etc.)

Discuss the full cost of a cleaning employee (or employees) with your human resources department, including the cost of benefits.  Make sure you consider the ideal shift for the employee or when cleaning work can be completed without impacting operations.  For a cost comparison, contact cleaning companies with your list of cleaning tasks and the ideal time for completion, so you can get an accurate quote for comparison.

As you contact cleaning companies, be open to discussing the possibility of a cleaning service that can fulfill other needs your company may have as well.  Many commercial cleaning services offer business maintenance services, such as parking lot maintenance or building exterior clean up. These options can be a viable option during busy times or when an employee retires.

Another important factor in your decision is whether your company is going to be supplying the cleaning supplies, or would rather rely on a cleaning service (some cleaning services also refill your restroom supplies as well).  If using green products is a priority for your business, make sure you discuss this need with potential cleaning services in your initial conversation to get an accurate quote.  If your company is supplying cleaning supplies, make sure you assign the task to a manager or employee that can take on the responsibility.

You should find the answer to your in-house versus outsourcing cleaning question in the results of your research.  Though numbers should play an important part in your decision, make sure you include the availability of personnel and ideal time for the work in your final decision.