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Summer Home Cleaning Tips

happy young family have fun on swimming pool at summer vacationWhen the sun is shining and the summer temperatures start rising, it’s hard to find the motivation to clean your house. Who wants to clean when there’s so much to do? And so much fun to have outside? However, a clean house is imperative as you try to keep up with all the grill outs, vacations, sports schedules…(cleanliness is next to godliness, as the saying says). The list can go on and on, leaving you strapped for cleaning time. That’s when you should use these tips to maintain a clean house and a fun summer schedule.

Speed up your cleaning process.

There are a lot of small things you can do to speed up your cleaning process, such as carrying your supplies in a container (cuts down on trips back and forth), clearing out clutter, and other tips for faster cleaning we listed in a recent post. The faster you clean, the faster you can head out to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Bring in outside help when needed.

If you want to head outside sooner than later, hire a home cleaner to help take on some of the summer cleaning tasks you’re juggling. Contact a cleaning service with a list of cleaning tasks you need done (i.e. bathrooms, laundry, etc.), and enjoy the benefits of a shorter cleaning list.

Prevent the mess as much as possible.

An ounce of prevention can gain you hours of fun. Place mats and rugs by your doors to keep the mud at bay. Clean up after you cook as much as possible. Daily clean your shower doors.

Use bags for organization.

To keep up with all those activities you have scheduled AND try to keep your home clean, use bags to make sure you have everything you need when you need it. Unpack and reload those bags on a regular basis so you are ready for the next fun day.

Dine outside.

Al fresco dining has another advantage: it’s easier to clean up when you’re done. Take advantage of the warm temperatures as often as possible, and enjoy the advantages of a simple clean up.

Keep your laundry room ready to go.

Summer is a time for fun, and dirty shirts and shorts. Ready yourself for those unexpected surprises, and organize your laundry room so you can spot shot as soon as possible (or hire someone who can keep up with the laundry!).

Complete Facility Exterior Maintenance Checklist

commercial building that needs summer building maintenanceFacility and ground maintenance should be done at least twice a year, typically during fall and spring. Inspections and repairs are an essential add-on to an already extensive building maintenance list, making planning ahead an absolute necessity. Call vendors for quotes for facility maintenance well in advance before the snow falls (an absolute guarantee in Wisconsin) and before the snow melts in the spring. Schedule the work accordingly so all facility maintenance, interior and exterior, is completed promptly.



__ Repair driveway.

__ Seal driveway.

__ Rake leaves.

__ Trim vegetation that interferes with vehicles or facility functions.

__ Pressure wash sidewalks.

__ Repair sidewalk cracks and trip hazards.

__ Clear flower beds and prep for planting/winter.

__ Inspect railings for damage.

__ Repair fencing around property as needed.

__ Clean area around dumpsters.

__ Clear off the area around storm drains.



__ Clear out gutters (if applicable).

__ Perform preventative maintenance on roof HVAC systems.

__ Check exterior lighting and replace bulbs as needed.

__ Clean up debris on building grounds.

__ Pressure wash building exterior.

__ Clean/wash windows.

__ Inspect roof, siding, brick, and windows for damage and leaks.

__ Re-caulk and repair damage around windows.

__ Clean/wash doors.