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12 Floor Cleaning Tricks for Every Kind of Floor

living room with floors cleaned with floor cleaning tricksFloor cleaning may not be the most complicated home cleaning chore, but it can leave lasting stains and damage long after done. Of course, the easiest and most efficient way to get a clean floor is to hire the professionals; the biggest benefit of this home cleaning trick is that you can take all the credit for your sparkling clean floors.

To make the floor deep cleaning easier (and hopefully involving less elbow grease), use these floor maintenance tips:

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly.
  • If using a vacuum cleaner, purchase a vacuum that won’t void the warranty and won’t damage floors.
  • Place mats by all doors to keep debris from being tracked in.
  • When letting pets in, clean off their paws.
  • Teach kids to wipe their feet off after being outside.
  • Leave all shoes by the door.

If you’re still interested in rolling up your sleeves, use these big floor cleaning tips and tricks to get every floor in your home clean and sparkling.


  • When cleaning a spot, avoid hard scrubbing (it can damage carpet fibers).
  • Make sure you are using a cleaner that doesn’t damage the flooring. (Test the cleaner on an area that is hidden.)
  • Don’t leave puddles when carpet cleaning.
  • Frequently change water during carpet cleaning.

Laminate & Wood Floors

  • Completely sweep or vacuum before a deep clean to prevent scratching from debris.
  • Use a fan to dry laminate and wood floors without leaving puddles.


  • Don’t use a sponge mop, which can dig the dirt into the flooring.
  • When mopping, change water frequently so you are using clean water.
  • Be careful about choosing soap for flooring cleaning; it can leave a residue.

Luxury Vinyl

  • Sweep or vacuum before cleaning.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid damage (make sure you use an approved cleaner to avoid voiding the warranty).
  • Grab the gentlest scrubber for a deep clean.

Costly Holiday Shut Down Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

commercial floors that need to be cleaned in a factoryThe holidays are an empty time at most businesses. The usual buzzing office and production floor make holiday shut-downs prime for facility cleaning and maintenance.

While daily operations may be minimal, the holiday shut-down should be optimized for efficient execution of the preventative maintenance and deep cleaning tasks that can’t be completed during busy periods. Many tasks should be planned and carried out efficiently in a short period time to maximize funds and time; making costly holiday shut down mistakes can slow efforts and get in the way of accomplishing both goals.

Avoiding outsourcing

When trying to stick to a budget, it can be tempting to handle all holiday shut-down maintenance and cleaning in-house. However, spreading staff thin over the holidays can be a major expense; this is especially when factoring in overtime and holiday pay (if the company offers the latter).

Utilizing vendors for certain tasks can also be an efficient use of funds because tasks can be done simultaneously. This ensures that less funds are spent on staffing and that the scheduled tasks are completed quickly and proficiently. Determine what tasks should be done in-house versus outsourced; contact vendors for quotes to do a cost analysis of each holiday shut-down maintenance and cleaning task.

Not having a plan

A carefully scheduled effort is imperative for adequate preparation. Parts can be ordered for maintenance tasks. Vendor schedules can be coordinated so that many tasks are completed in different areas or so that one task is finalized before the next comes in.

A holiday shut-down schedule can also be helpful when selecting vendors. For example, if remodeling office space is on the list, it can be advantageous to hire one vendor for the remodeling and deep cleaning that follows. Draft a schedule and contact the vendors for quotes accordingly.

Not scheduling floor cleaning

A floor cleaning should be an obligatory task on every holiday shut-down maintenance and cleaning list. In addition to maintaining a professional facility impression, an empty facility guarantees an easier floor cleaning. Beyond that, a deep commercial floors cleaning can remove deep-ground debris and salt from carpet fibers and grout. This build-up can cause facility floors to get slippery, increasing the risk for slips, falls, and other common workplace injuries.

The build-up of grime is not only a risk to employees and visitors; it is also a costly mistake. Facility floors that are not regularly cleaned can cost more to strip and clean. Schedule floor cleaning so that areas are cleaned when maintenance is not planned in that area (and visa versa).

Ignoring a restroom sanitization

A thoroughly cleaned and disinfected restroom is necessary for employee health and productivity (especially during cold and flu season), as well as creating a favorable impression with guests and clients. Regular restroom cleaning can be done during regular office hours; a deep clean is infinitely easier when staffing is low.

During a holiday shut-down, a meticulous restroom sanitation should be scheduled (use this complete restroom sanitation checklist). When staffing is needed for other holiday shut-down maintenance and cleaning tasks, or for a more efficient use of time, contact a commercial cleaning service and schedule accordingly.