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Spring Office Cleaning: 6 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity and Morale


office worker working at computer after office spring cleaning

Spring cleaning the company office can be worth the effort, both for productivity and the mind. Just like the warm spring weather, a good company cleaning can be a real boost for productivity and office morale. A deep office clean can make managers and employees head into summer renewed and ready to tackle the work ahead.

Set time aside.

The biggest hurdle to a good office cleaning is time. The best strategy for addressing the effort is a combination of employee cleanings and scheduled cleanings with a professional service. For an in-office desk and file cabinet cleaning, let departments choose the optimal time for cleaning (ideally when there is minimal activity) or schedule a time for the entire office team to tackle the process. For cleanings that interrupt productivity, such as floor cleaning, schedule a commercial cleaning service that can clean during off-hours or weekends.

Organize paper and digital files.

Organization is the key to productivity, making this an essential part of any office spring clean. Managers and employees should take the time to clear out old files, both paper and digital, and organize files of existing clients and projects.

On the digital side, company drives and clouds should be cleaned out and organized. This cleaning task ensures employees find digital files quickly and efficiently without wasting time. Regular IT maintenance should also be part of the office spring cleaning checklist and can be scheduled for the weekends or overnight periods.

Clear away clutter.

In a busy office, it’s normal for clutter to accumulate on any and all open surfaces. A good spring cleaning clears all the clutter away and organizes it. Clutter can also collect in closets and supply cabinets. Once the clutter is removed, reorganize supplies and dust surfaces. Research and add baskets and other storage solutions that can prevent future clutter issues and keep the office look professional and organized.

Clean common areas.

Common areas attract dust and germs, making a deep spring cleaning a must. Managers and employees should regularly disinfect, wipe down, and dust machines and appliances in these areas, such as printers, water coolers, and coffee makers. Disinfection should be done properly without damaging machine key boards and other critical areas. Since these areas are frequently used, cleaning common areas can also be added to a regular cleaning checklist that is given to a commercial cleaning service.

Disinfect kitchens, restrooms, and conference rooms.

Spring is typically the end of flu and cold season, and the right time to disinfect and clean kitchens, restrooms, and conference rooms. All surfaces in these rooms should be cleaned and disinfected, either by office staff or a commercial cleaning service.

Clean rugs and floors.

Winter in Wisconsin is hard on office floors. Snow and salt can damage flooring and become a safety hazard. When spring hits, a deep floor cleaning removes the layers of snow and salt. On a hard floor, a floor waxing protects the floor and extends the life of the floor. A carpet clean eliminates salt build-up, revitalizes carpet fibers, and removes any deep allergens. For minimal disruptions, schedule floor cleanings with a commercial cleaning service during off-hours or weekends.

Your Complete Home Office Cleaning Checklist

Young business woman sitting at her desk in office with her legs on the desk. Caucasian female relaxing and looking up in home officeSometimes it can feel like we live in our home office, which is probably why our home work spaces are common residences for cobwebs, dust, and even (gasp!) germs. Computer keyboards, file cabinets, and printers can get incredibly dirty from all those long hours and all-nighters.

The old saying, “time is money” definitely applies to dirty home offices. Those hours cleaning an office aren’t billable, but they can be invaluable for keeping an office clean and organized. When time for home office cleaning is short, don’t hesitate to add it to the home cleaning list for your home cleaners. Your home cleaner can use this checklist, or use their own tips and tricks for an efficient and professional deep clean.

Home Office Cleaning Checklist

Overall Office Cleaning

___ Clear away clutter, such as pens and piles of paper

___ Clean light fixtures

___ Dust fan blades on ceiling fans

___ Clean windows

___ Dust window sills and trim

___ Launder curtains and drapes

___ Vacuum and dust blinds

___ Deep clean flooring

___ Wipe down rug protectors/chair mats

___ Vacuum and clean rugs

___ Empty wastebaskets and recycle bins

___ Vacuum closets

___ Deep clean coffee makers and sanitize controls

Office Furniture

___ Remove books and items from bookshelves

___ Dust bookshelves

___ Dust top of cabinets

___ Clean file cabinet doors

___ Dust desktop

___ Clean table tops and other workspaces

___ Vacuum between office furniture and the wall

___ Wipe down and vacuum desk chair

___ Empty refrigerator

___ Clean top and sides of refrigerator

___ Wipe down shelves and refrigerator drawers

Office Tools

___ Wipe down staplers and other desktop items

___ Clean monitors and screens

___ Sanitize computer mouse

___ Clean keyboard (use these instructions for safe keyboard cleaning)

___ Sanitize key pads and controls on printers, scanners, fax machines, and other IT equipment

___ Clean telephones, headsets, and ear buds