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bathroom after good deep cleaning

How to Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom may not be at the top of any favorite cleaning lists, but it’s certainly a necessary home cleaning chore. Bathrooms are the source of much unpleasantness, and one of the key rooms that can sell a house or drive guests away. Cleaning a bathroom is a big deal—but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of steps that can help you deep clean your bathroom faster and better than ever before. (Of course, there is always the option of hiring a cleaner to tackle bathroom cleaning.)

Put together a cleaning container.

If you have more than one bathroom to clean, a container with cleaning supplies can be your best friend. Your container should contain all the normal bathroom cleaning supplies: window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, sponges, etc. A container is easy to carry from bathroom to bathroom, and everything you need is at arm’s reach.

In addition to cleaners, a cleaning container should also contain equipment to protect you as you clean. This could include gloves, masks, and other equipment that protects your skin and your body (even if you use natural cleaners).

Remove all the bathroom “stuff.”

Before cleaning any surface in a bathroom, always remove all the items that line the counter tops, shelves, bathtub, and shower stalls. This task is also your chance to clean toothbrush holders, trash cans, and other items that need sanitizing.

Start cleaning from top to bottom.

Like any room, the best place to start cleaning is at the top. Start dusting and cleaning bathroom fans, the top of shower stalls and medicine cabinets, and any other surfaces near the ceiling. The logic behind this cleaning process is simple; as you clean, the dust falls downward and can be cleaned up as you work your way to the floor.

Let bathroom items soak.

For easier cleaning (without scrubbing!), soak items in a cleaner. These can include any items that don’t have metal or could rust, such as toothbrush holders and light covers. Best yet, a good soak can loosen dirt and grime, making it easier to rinse off.

Launder shower curtains and all linens.

If you want to make laundering shower curtains a breeze, check washing instructions to see if the curtain can be laundered in the washing machine. It makes cleaning the bathroom easier and gets you on to doing something you actually enjoy.

commercial floors that need to be cleaned in a factory

7 Essential Fall Building Maintenance Services that Pay Off

It’s easy to put off fall building maintenance services, especially when there are other tasks that directly impact the bottom line. It’s easy to put machine repairs and other necessary building services at the top of the list. However, re-prioritizing can have long-term financial implications from repairs stemming from long-overdue building maintenance.

It makes cents (pun intended) for companies to complete these important building maintenance tasks that maintain property value and prevent those random repairs.

Exterior Building Clean-Up

Facility exterior cleaning is an important part of building maintenance; gutter cleaning, for example, can prevent ice dams and other issues throughout the winter. Exterior building clean-up also includes a full roof inspection, building pressure washing, window washing, and other essential building maintenance services.

HVAC Check

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system maintenance is an essential part of extending the life of the equipment. Fall is an ideal time for HVAC maintenance; it is an ideal time to do a full check-up of system parts, replace worn items, and ensure the system is ready for heating.

Lot Maintenance

Parking lots and sidewalks take the brunt of daily car and foot traffic, making them a top priority for fall building maintenance. Lot maintenance can include (but not limited to) trash pick-up, pressure washing, flower bed maintenance, sealing, and vegetation trimming.

Floor Cleaning

A comprehensive deep floor clean is a preventative measure that reduces the risk of injury and build-up of grime. Fall is an ideal time for this cleaning task, especially before the snow and ice of winter is tracked in by building visitors. Flooring cleaning should be paired with laundering rugs, an important part of keeping snow and grime off of company floors. Floor cleaning can be completed with minimal interruption to daily operations or during off-hours when the building is empty. For an off-hours flooring cleaning, it can be cost-efficient to hire building maintenance professionals that can complete the floor cleaning efficiently.

Duct Cleaning

A periodic duct cleaning is an essential part of healthy and safety management. Regular duct cleaning is an important part of maintaining high indoor air quality and preventing employee illnesses. Most importantly, a complete duct cleaning removes the mold, pollen, and dander that can exacerbate employee allergy symptoms and respiratory illness symptoms.

Restroom Sanitation

A complete restroom sanitation minimizes the risk of widespread workplace illness, especially before the start of flu and cold season. This fall building maintenance should accompany a cleaning of common areas, such as the kitchen, printers, and conference rooms.

Light Bulb Maintenance

Fall is the start of shorter days, a prime time for light bulb maintenance. For minimal interruption, outsource this property maintenance task to a cleaning company that can monitor and maintain interior and exterior lighting.