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Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Happy young mother playing and having fun with her little son on bed at homeYou spend a lot of time in your bedroom, which is why the steps on this bedroom cleaning checklist is so important. Regular bedroom cleanings can rid your home of the dust can interrupt a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, dust in the bedroom is not the only mess that disturbs your slumber. Bedrooms are also home to pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. That’s why we’ve put together a list that guarantees a clean bedroom (quickly!) so you don’t have to continue to sneeze and wheeze. This list also includes the master bathroom, which can also cause annoying allergy symptoms because of its close proximity to the bedroom.

If you don’t want to suffer through the cleaning (ah choo!), it can be helpful to buy a mask for cleaning and a HEPPA filter for the vacuum cleaner. Another option is to hire a cleaning service to take on those regular bedroom cleanings for you. (These tips for hiring the right home cleaning service can help you choose a cleaner you can trust.)

Bedroom Deep Cleaning

Tip: if you have outdoor allergies, don’t hang out laundered items. Laundered items can attract outdoor allergens and bring them into the bedroom, which can trigger allergy symptoms.

___ Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans

___ Clean doors

___ Remove cob webs and dust in corners (from ceiling to floor)

___ Dust artwork and photos

___ Launder bedding

___ Wash windows

___ Dust furniture (i.e. night stands, desks, dressers, etc.)

___ Clean window treatments

___ Launder pet bedding

___ Clean mattress (or mattress cover)

___ Dust door and wall trim

___ Dust trim molding, ledges, and shelves

___ Dust artwork and photos

___ Deep clean carpet or hard floors

Master Bathroom Deep Cleaning

___ Clean bathroom fan and light fixtures

___ Dust artwork and photos

___ Wipe down duct covers

___ Remove dust and cobwebs in corners

___ Wash windows

___ Clean window treatments

___ Dust crown molding, ledges, and shelves

___ Clean top of cabinets

___ Wipe down shower door and shower door frame

___ Clean around top of shower

___ Scrub tile grout/wipe down wainscoting

___ Deep clean tub

___ Clean mirror

___ Scrub bathroom floor grout (for tile)

___ Deep clean floors

___ Clean doors

___Wipe down/clean trim

___ Disinfect waste basket

6 Tips for Cleaning the Allergens Out of Your Home

young woman sneezing into a tissue with really bad indoor allergiesAllergies can turn perfectly pleasant days into not-so-pleasant days. The sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes can be a real annoyance, especially when you want to enjoy the warm temperatures. While you can’t get rid of the pollen or other seasonal allergens outside (unfortunately), there are cleaning steps you can take to keep those annoying allergens out of your home (and away from your body!).

Remove your clothes in the mudroom or laundry room before you enter.

The first step to keeping allergens out of the home starts as soon as you get home. Designate an “allergen area” where you can remove your clothes and bag them. Ideally this would be a mudroom or laundry room so the clothes can be laundered immediately. Removing and washing clothes before entering removes allergens on clothing so they are not brought into the home.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

Regular vacuum cleaning is an important tactic in the allergy sufferer’s arsenal. Vacuuming removes allergens trapped in carpet and on furniture. Research every vacuum cleaner before you buy and select a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter (purchase a similar filter for your furnace so allergens are not circulated through the ducts). Vacuum regularly or outsource the task to a service that can stay on schedule.

Wear a mask when cleaning.

As you clean, wear a mask to protect your body from contact with allergens. Use a microfiber cloth which picks up and traps allergens. Make sure that you don’t leave any surface wet; moist environments can breed mold and other allergens.

Regularly launder bedding.

Even with removing clothes before you enter the home, allergens can still be carried into the home. Wash all bedding regularly, or hire a cleaning service to launder and make the bed so you don’t have to come into contact with allergens that cause your allergy symptoms to flare up.

Deep clean flooring.

Carpeting can trap allergens. Allergens can blow around on hard flooring, stirring up annoying allergy symptoms and making you miserable. Deep clean carpets and hard floors at least once a year, or more often if you have respiratory issues. If you don’t want to be present for the cleaning (and sneezing and wheezing and…), hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean floors while you are gone.

Don’t leave any corner uncleaned.

Allergens can get caught in the most unlikely places, so make sure that you don’t leave any corner untouched. Clean under couches, behind corner tables, under appliances, and under beds. Hire a cleaning service to tackle regular cleaning tasks on a regular basis so you can live virtually allergy symptom free.