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Back-to-School Cleaning and Organization Tips

Smiling schoolboy with backpack ready for back to school looking at cameraWhere did the summer go? And how did it go by so fast? The first day of school is near (and coming too fast for most kids). In addition to buying school supplies, it’s time to tackle those other back-to-school cleaning tips that make a very busy time of the year a little easier (on everyone!).

Organize your mudroom.

Your mudroom is the front line for getting out (and in) the door easily every morning and evening. Ready it for all the back-to-school activity that is to come (use this helpful back-to-school checklist). Clean from the bottom up: floor, shelving, lockers, walls, and ceiling. Organize as you go, including making room for coats and shoes (all the back-to-school shoes!). Clean out any gear that doesn’t fit any more; less clutter gives you more room for the backpacks, sports equipment, and other back-to-school necessities.

Tackle the pile of laundry.

A student with a busy school day plus after-school activities needs a lot of clothes. Be ready with whatever gear your child needs for the school year; get as many clothes through the laundry room as possible (or hire a cleaning crew to launder and fold clothes). Once the school year starts, make sure to launder bedding before the cold weather hits.

Prep the homework area.

Don’t tell your student, but the start of the school year comes with homework (cue kid groan). Ready your preferred homework area for the task, whether it’s a table, desk, or another quiet area. Stock up on school supplies that are running low. Wipe and dust the surface so your student is focused on their homework—and not on sneezing.

Get EVERYTHING ready for the first day.

If you want to improve the odds of getting everyone out of the house smoothly, prepare for a smooth departure on the first day of school. Pack books and all school supplies in backpacks. Lay out clothes and shoes. Have the pantry stocked with your student’s favorite lunch foods or money available for a delicious first school lunch.

Make a list of cleaning tasks to be done during the school day.

An empty house is the perfect chance to tackle cleaning tasks and organization. Schedule a floor cleaning (perfect for days when foot traffic is low) or a deep clean. For more specific tasks, give your home cleaning service a list of tasks (here’s how to vet cleaning services and find the best one for your home). When your kids are at school, make cleaning a little easier by de-cluttering and removing items that don’t fit or aren’t used.

Back-to-School Cleaning Checklist

Smiling schoolboy with backpack ready for back to school looking at cameraIt’s almost time for back to school! School supplies are bought, backpacks are ready, and…(don’t tell the kids)…summer is coming to an end. The days are running short for back-to-school cleaning, starting with “ground zero,” the mudroom. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist that helps you get through your back-to-school cleaning quickly and efficiently.


___Clean the floor.

___Add an organizer for shoes.

___Clean hooks for backpacks and gear.

___ Dust shelves.

___Clean the closet and organize.

___Clean off shelves and floor in closet.

___Wash or vacuum cubbies or buckets.

Laundry room

___Clean the floor.

___Dust shelves.

___Wash down tops of machines and counters.

___Clean out washing machine drum.

___Prepare area for stain removal.

___Vacuum behind washer and dryer.

___Clean out lint trap.

___Wash cloth hampers.


___Organize school lunch supplies.

___Wash school lunchboxes.

___Clean counters.

___Wipe down “command center.”

___Clean the floor.

___Dispose of last year’s papers (calendars, practice schedules, etc.) and replace with this year’s.

___Clean out pantry.

Homework area

___Clean the floor.

___Reorganize for this year’s homework.

___Revamp school supplies in homework area.


___Vacuum floors.

___Remove clothes that don’t fit from dressers.

___Organize closet and school shoes.

___Dust dressers.

___Wash bedding.

___Wipe down clothes hampers.

If you don’t have time to give your home a deep clean, schedule a deep clean soon—before your kids are heading out the door with their backpacks.