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Common Commercial Floor Cleaning Questions Answered

commercial floors that need to be cleaned in a factoryCommercial floor cleaning is the bread and butter of facility maintenance, and one of the most essential cleaning tasks. No matter what the time of year (and in Wisconsin, we do track in four seasons of mud and grime), there is always a reason to schedule a floor cleaning—and ask all the questions that come with clean building floors.

How much does it cost to clean building floors?

The exact cost of commercial cleaning at your facility depends on the square footage and type of flooring that requires cleaning. The best way to determine the cost of cleaning your commercial floors is to request an estimate. Before you contact cleaning companies, decide what floors need to be cleaned and when is the best time to have the floors cleaned (i.e. overnight, company shutdown, holiday, etc.)

How often do I need to schedule a commercial floor cleaning?

Depending on the room and amount of foot traffic, facility floors should be cleaned every 3-6 months. If you have any concerns about staff health or keeping spaces allergy-free, schedule floor cleanings earlier and more often during months when your staff remain indoors.

However, don’t wait too long to schedule a floor cleaning. Procrastinating too long can create a build-up that can cause more workplace injuries and cost more to remove.

How can I extend the life of my building floors?

Beyond regular floor cleaning, there are other ways to extend the life of your facility floors:

  • Place rugs, mats, and runners by all doorways and in high traffic areas (i.e. hallways, conference rooms, etc.)
  • Regularly vacuum and sweep all floors as part of daily maintenance and cleaning.
  • Promptly clean all stains and have the area deep-cleaned to completely remove the stain.

Outsource versus in-house: What option is right for your company cleaning?

office space in a facility where they are analyzing outsourcing or in-house cleaningEvery company manager has to answer the question at some point: “should our company hire an employee or cleaning crew for our facility?”  As tempting as it might be to answer with “well, we’ve always done it this way,” the question should be analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis to determine which cleaning solution is right for the future.

Cost is obviously an important factor in your analysis, and determining cost can be started with a list.  Make a list of all the cleaning tasks your company needs, both interior and exterior.  Make sure you include any tasks that your maintenance crew is currently responsible for, if you want to allocate their time to other jobs (i.e. preventative machine maintenance, repairs, etc.)

Discuss the full cost of a cleaning employee (or employees) with your human resources department, including the cost of benefits.  Make sure you consider the ideal shift for the employee or when cleaning work can be completed without impacting operations.  For a cost comparison, contact cleaning companies with your list of cleaning tasks and the ideal time for completion, so you can get an accurate quote for comparison.

As you contact cleaning companies, be open to discussing the possibility of a cleaning service that can fulfill other needs your company may have as well.  Many commercial cleaning services offer business maintenance services, such as parking lot maintenance or building exterior clean up. These options can be a viable option during busy times or when an employee retires.

Another important factor in your decision is whether your company is going to be supplying the cleaning supplies, or would rather rely on a cleaning service (some cleaning services also refill your restroom supplies as well).  If using green products is a priority for your business, make sure you discuss this need with potential cleaning services in your initial conversation to get an accurate quote.  If your company is supplying cleaning supplies, make sure you assign the task to a manager or employee that can take on the responsibility.

You should find the answer to your in-house versus outsourcing cleaning question in the results of your research.  Though numbers should play an important part in your decision, make sure you include the availability of personnel and ideal time for the work in your final decision.