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Common Commercial Floor Cleaning Questions Answered

commercial floors that need to be cleaned in a factoryCommercial floor cleaning is the bread and butter of facility maintenance, and one of the most essential cleaning tasks. No matter what the time of year (and in Wisconsin, we do track in four seasons of mud and grime), there is always a reason to schedule a floor cleaning—and ask all the questions that come with clean building floors.

How much does it cost to clean building floors?

The exact cost of commercial cleaning at your facility depends on the square footage and type of flooring that requires cleaning. The best way to determine the cost of cleaning your commercial floors is to request an estimate. Before you contact cleaning companies, decide what floors need to be cleaned and when is the best time to have the floors cleaned (i.e. overnight, company shutdown, holiday, etc.)

How often do I need to schedule a commercial floor cleaning?

Depending on the room and amount of foot traffic, facility floors should be cleaned every 3-6 months. If you have any concerns about staff health or keeping spaces allergy-free, schedule floor cleanings earlier and more often during months when your staff remain indoors.

However, don’t wait too long to schedule a floor cleaning. Procrastinating too long can create a build-up that can cause more workplace injuries and cost more to remove.

How can I extend the life of my building floors?

Beyond regular floor cleaning, there are other ways to extend the life of your facility floors:

  • Place rugs, mats, and runners by all doorways and in high traffic areas (i.e. hallways, conference rooms, etc.)
  • Regularly vacuum and sweep all floors as part of daily maintenance and cleaning.
  • Promptly clean all stains and have the area deep-cleaned to completely remove the stain.

Commercial Floor Maintenance Tips

employee in factoryCommercial floor maintenance may not be at the top of your facility maintenance list, but it’s important for the health of your business and everyone in it. Use these tips to get your business floors clean, and keep them that way.

Use industrial rugs to your advantage.

If you want to keep all the debris that gets tracked in off your commercial floors, invest or rent durable rugs to be placed by all exterior entrances. Contact a cleaning service to have your rugs cleaned regularly to maintain a favorable impression and keep gravel and debris on the rugs and not damaging your floor.

Establish and keep a regular floor maintenance schedule.

Whether you outsource or in-house your floor cleaning, it’s never too soon to establish a regular floor cleaning schedule—and stick to it. Don’t put it off; over time, the constant build-up of dirt and grime (especially in an industrial setting) can lead to a cleaning that requires extra effort—and increased expense. A thick layer of grime can also make your floor slippery, making you liable for any employees’ slips, trips, and falls, one of the top workplace injuries. If you don’t have employees available to maintain your floor cleaning schedule, consider hiring a local cleaning service to keep up regular cleanings (or fill in periodically).

Be conscientious of cleaning supplies.

Floor cleaning supplies can have a larger impact on your floors and your employees that you know. Abrasive cleaning supplies and some chemicals can injure cleaning personnel, trigger allergy symptoms in employees using the space, and damage the floors. Know what products work for each floor in your company. Before your purchase new products, research floor cleaning products (or choose a cleaning service with the expertise) to minimize the risk to your employees and floors. Implement safety procedures and educate your staff on proper use of cleaners and avoiding injury while cleaning facility floors. Keep personal protective equipment in convenient locations for employees that use cleaning supplies that could cause injury.