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Day Porter Services: What, Why & How They Benefit Your Business

There are a lot of questions surrounding day porter services, including the logical first question, “What are day porter services?” Though a day porter performs many janitorial tasks, a quality day porter can do more for your business—and do it discretely, without visitors being the wiser.

What does a day porter do?

A day porter is a versatile position that handles all the behind-the-scenes cleaning and maintenance tasks that keeps a business running smoothly. The best day porters can handle a long list of tasks without being noticed. A day porter can also supervise and manage subcontractors that perform maintenance and cleaning services.

Day porters can perform any number of services, including:

  • cleaning and refilling restroom supplies,
  • emptying garbage cans,
  • cleaning conference rooms and visitor areas,
  • maintaining facility floors,
  • performing necessary facility repairs and maintenance (i.e. replacing light bulbs, repairing broken ceiling tiles, etc.)
  • setting up for an event,
  • maintaining and cleaning the building exterior (i.e. washing down sidewalks, maintaining patios, cleaning exterior furniture, etc.)
  • cleaning a facility during an event (and restocking restrooms),
  • maintaining a clean elevator,
  • cleaning floors to prevent damage (from snow and foot traffic),
  • any other duties that need to be performed to maintain a professional impression.

What are the benefits of hiring a day porter?

A day porter can be hired in-house or through an outside service. Businesses with a day porter can benefit from the position, either on an as-needed or on-going basis. In addition to maintaining a positive impression for employees and visitors, a day porter can keep up with many daily tasks, reducing the need for a lengthy after-hours cleaning.

For businesses with multiple events or meetings, a day porter can ensure that the event spaces are ready and set-up prior to visitors’ arrival. In addition to the event space, a day porter can be the individual responsible for making sure that restrooms, conference rooms, and hallways are clean, stocked, and presentable.

In addition to maintaining a building for visitors, a day porter can also ensure that the facility is well-maintained for smooth daily operations. A day porter can ensure that the building is kept clean and sanitary to reduce the risk of illness and prevent productivity disruptions from employee illness. When there are multiple employee absences due to illness, a day porter can manage a full-building sanitation. During snowy Wisconsin winters, the day porter can immediately address the clean-up of slippery floors and puddles that can damage facility floors.

How much does a day porter service cost?

The cost of a day porter depends on the amount of work and frequency of the services. Businesses should contact local day porter services with a list of tasks needed from the individual and a projected start date.

What are day porter services?

office space in a facility where they are analyzing outsourcing or in-house cleaningDay porter services is a term used to describe a collection of services that keep almost every part of a facility clean and well-kept. Day porters provide behind-the-scenes maintenance without being overt about their duties; they keep every interior and exterior space presentable for clients and customers, and hygienic and neat for employees and visitors.

What are day porter services? What areas of a building are maintained via day porter services?

Day porter services are extensive, and can include (but are not limited to):

  • Picking up trash
  • Washing windows
  • Cleaning restrooms
  • Restocking restroom supplies
  • Mopping lobby floors
  • Power-washing parking lots and sidewalks
  • Cleaning counter tops
  • Removing trash and replacing garbage bags
  • Cleaning benches and dispensers in the parking lot
  • Water plants in containers and pots (interior and exterior)
  • Wiping down cafeteria tables
  • Cleaning kitchen
  • Washing and maintaining patio
  • Cleaning off seats and chairs
  • Conference room/event set-up
  • Alerting management to repairs and facility issues

Day porter services can be used on a daily or as-needed basis, such as during a large conference, grand opening, or customer event. Day porters work in the parking lot, patio, lobby, conference rooms, office areas, restrooms, kitchens, cafeteria, and hallways.

What facilities require day porter services?

Almost every different kind of facility may require day porter services. Some facilities outsource day porter services as a cost-saving measure over the cost of additional staff, while other companies contact cleaning services for event day porter services. Churches, hospitals, retail, and manufacturing facilities all may hire day porter services.

To get quality day porter services, use these guidelines for selecting the right cleaning service for the job. Make a list of day porter services that your company needs, and contact a local cleaning service for a customized, free quote.