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Facility Managers: 6 Fall Building Deep Cleaning ‘Musts’

commercial building that needs summer building maintenanceFor facility managers, fall is more than a time of changing leaf colors and dropping temperatures. The fall season is the ideal time to check items off the fall cleaning checklist and prepare company buildings for the freezing temperatures to come.

Flooring Cleaning

The upcoming season dictates a full facility floor deep clean and advanced planning. Plan a fall facility floor cleaning for common company down times or contact a commercial cleaning service that can deep clean floors during off-hours. Schedule floor cleaning for times when office staff are gone (such as weekends) or factory shut-downs when the floor is empty. A regular floor stripping and deep cleaning protects facility floors from long-term damage. Regular floor deep cleanings also can save money in other ways, as well; if floors are not deep cleaned, incidences of workplace injuries can increase and the next floor clean can cost more because of excessive build-up.

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is an essential facility deep cleaning task, both for the health of the HVAC system and for employees. A comprehensive duct cleaning can improve system efficiency and overall employee air quality. Specifically, allergy sufferers are sure to thank facility managers; duct cleaning removes many common allergens, such as dust, mold, and mildew, and improve indoor air quality.

Restroom Sanitation

Regular restroom sanitation prevents the spread of illness and infections (i.e. cold viruses, stomach flu, influenza, hepatitis, etc.) which can reduce employee productivity and increase the amount of employee sick days (these other tips can keep employees healthy as well). Since winter is typically the time of year when illnesses spread, a complete restroom sanitation is a critical preventative measure.

Office Common Areas

Printers, conference rooms, kitchens, and other common areas can become a hotbed for germs and dust. Before windows are shut, and employees are trapped inside, do a general deep cleaning of office common areas.

Exterior Cleaning

A facility exterior cleaning is an important part of building maintenance; gutter cleaning, for example, can prevent ice dams and other issues throughout the winter. Other items on the exterior cleaning checklist should include parking lot maintenance, tree and bush trimming and clean-up, building pressure washing, window washing, and concrete washing. Allocate staff for exterior cleaning tasks that can be handled in-house, and outsource other exterior cleaning tasks to companies that can meet the seasonal deadline.

Rug Laundering

Rugs and mats are your first facility’s line of defense against tracked-in gravel and water. Strategically place rugs by all doors and in high traffic areas, such as hallways, restrooms, and break rooms. Track your employees’ activity to ensure that all high traffic areas are covered and the flooring does not wear down (and needs to be prematurely replaced). Have all rugs laundered regularly and promptly so they are ready to be replaced before more gravel—and even snow—is tracked in.

Commercial Property Fall Maintenance Tips

commercial building that needs summer building maintenanceWinter can be brutal on all types of properties, residential and commercial. The latter comes with its own set of fall maintenance tasks that need to be completed before the first snow. Use these tips to get those fall maintenance tasks started and completed.

Tackle preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance may seem like a nuisance, but is important for a reason. Now is the time to tackle preventative machine and IT maintenance to prevent future issues and breakdowns. Schedule employees or external services to perform server maintenance, machine fluid changes, and any other preventative maintenance that needs to be done.

Inspect the roof before it’s too late.

Don’t wait until the first snow fall to inspect the roof or—worse yet—to deal with the leaks and issues that come from a neglected roof. Look for drainage issues (gutters, downspouts, drains) and vulnerabilities that could lead to flooding and damage. Inspect vents, around HVAC equipment (if on the roof), and any other equipment where the seals could cause a leak.

Make landscaping a priority.

Commercial property landscaping is more than just an effort to create a professional image; poor landscaping can also lead to flooding and poor drainage. Address any drainage issues around the foundation and prune trees to prevent any building damage from stray branches or drainage problems.

Give your HVAC system a check up and tune up.

A properly functioning HVAC system is always a given—except when it breaks down in the middle of winter. Before the snow flies and the company has to pay for emergency HVAC repairs, have your HVAC system inspected and any necessary repairs done. Also check the water pipes for leaks or areas of inadequate insulation that could lead to frozen pipes.

Plan for future projects.

Fall is an ideal time to look ahead and allocate company time and resources accordingly. Look at the list of projects that need to be done, such as construction projects, restroom repairs, etc. Get quotes for the projects and start scheduling projects. Schedule cleaning projects accordingly, such as a deep floor clean after a construction project (some vendors can do both) or HVAC inspection and repairs followed by a duct cleaning.