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Commercial Floor Maintenance Tips

employee in factoryCommercial floor maintenance may not be at the top of your facility maintenance list, but it’s important for the health of your business and everyone in it. Use these tips to get your business floors clean, and keep them that way.

Use industrial rugs to your advantage.

If you want to keep all the debris that gets tracked in off your commercial floors, invest or rent durable rugs to be placed by all exterior entrances. Contact a cleaning service to have your rugs cleaned regularly to maintain a favorable impression and keep gravel and debris on the rugs and not damaging your floor.

Establish and keep a regular floor maintenance schedule.

Whether you outsource or in-house your floor cleaning, it’s never too soon to establish a regular floor cleaning schedule—and stick to it. Don’t put it off; over time, the constant build-up of dirt and grime (especially in an industrial setting) can lead to a cleaning that requires extra effort—and increased expense. A thick layer of grime can also make your floor slippery, making you liable for any employees’ slips, trips, and falls, one of the top workplace injuries. If you don’t have employees available to maintain your floor cleaning schedule, consider hiring a local cleaning service to keep up regular cleanings (or fill in periodically).

Be conscientious of cleaning supplies.

Floor cleaning supplies can have a larger impact on your floors and your employees that you know. Abrasive cleaning supplies and some chemicals can injure cleaning personnel, trigger allergy symptoms in employees using the space, and damage the floors. Know what products work for each floor in your company. Before your purchase new products, research floor cleaning products (or choose a cleaning service with the expertise) to minimize the risk to your employees and floors. Implement safety procedures and educate your staff on proper use of cleaners and avoiding injury while cleaning facility floors. Keep personal protective equipment in convenient locations for employees that use cleaning supplies that could cause injury.

Outsource versus in-house: What option is right for your company cleaning?

office space in a facility where they are analyzing outsourcing or in-house cleaningEvery company manager has to answer the question at some point: “should our company hire an employee or cleaning crew for our facility?”  As tempting as it might be to answer with “well, we’ve always done it this way,” the question should be analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis to determine which cleaning solution is right for the future.

Cost is obviously an important factor in your analysis, and determining cost can be started with a list.  Make a list of all the cleaning tasks your company needs, both interior and exterior.  Make sure you include any tasks that your maintenance crew is currently responsible for, if you want to allocate their time to other jobs (i.e. preventative machine maintenance, repairs, etc.)

Discuss the full cost of a cleaning employee (or employees) with your human resources department, including the cost of benefits.  Make sure you consider the ideal shift for the employee or when cleaning work can be completed without impacting operations.  For a cost comparison, contact cleaning companies with your list of cleaning tasks and the ideal time for completion, so you can get an accurate quote for comparison.

As you contact cleaning companies, be open to discussing the possibility of a cleaning service that can fulfill other needs your company may have as well.  Many commercial cleaning services offer business maintenance services, such as parking lot maintenance or building exterior clean up. These options can be a viable option during busy times or when an employee retires.

Another important factor in your decision is whether your company is going to be supplying the cleaning supplies, or would rather rely on a cleaning service (some cleaning services also refill your restroom supplies as well).  If using green products is a priority for your business, make sure you discuss this need with potential cleaning services in your initial conversation to get an accurate quote.  If your company is supplying cleaning supplies, make sure you assign the task to a manager or employee that can take on the responsibility.

You should find the answer to your in-house versus outsourcing cleaning question in the results of your research.  Though numbers should play an important part in your decision, make sure you include the availability of personnel and ideal time for the work in your final decision.

4 Cleaning Tasks to Schedule at Your Company During Summer Vacations

company floor ready for cleaning because employees on summer vacationYou know what we’re talking about: during many summer weeks, your company looks like a ghost town with all the employees taking vacation.  It makes sense, right?  Summer is the perfect time for summer employee vacations because of the beautiful weather.  While they are away on vacation, it’s also the perfect time for owners and managers to take advantage of your empty building to get a few key maintenance and cleaning projects done.

Floor cleaning

Office areas, production floors, and warehouses are all targets of damage from employees trekking in mud, salt, gravel, and snow from the sidewalks and parking lot.  That seasonal grime gets ground deep into your carpet fibers and tiles, causing long-term damage, earlier-than-normal replacement rates, and a slick surface ripe for slips and falls.  That’s why an investment in a quality floor cleaning during the summer can save you the headaches and expenses of worker compensation claims later.  Scheduling a summer floor cleaning during a light staffing time allows your floors to get done all at once while minimizing interruptions that can decrease productivity.

Light building projects/remodeling

Removing and replacing ceiling tiles. Fixing drywall patches. Painting walls. Fixing and repairing HVAC units. Building inner offices.  The list can go and on of projects that need to be done when your company is not at full staff, and summer is a prime time to schedule projects while individual employees are on vacation so they do not have to deal with the dust and mess while at their desk or working on the floor.

Parking lot maintenance

Summer is an ideal time for sealing and parking lot repairs and maintenance because the weather is ideal.  A weekend with a light staff (or no staff) is even more perfect; you won’t have to deal with finding alternate parking spaces for employees or deal with complaining from employees having to hike to work.

Restroom deep cleaning & repairs

Depending on the amount of use of your commercial restroom, schedule an annual or bi-annual deep clean of your company restrooms (this can also be advantageous during times when a contagious illness is spreading throughout your business).  A company restroom deep cleaning should include all the elements of a regular cleaning plus grout and tile scrubbing, thorough cleaning of all toilets, disinfection of all surfaces, cleaning and removing graffiti, and washing down walls.

Schedule your restroom deep cleaning during summer vacations (such as right before Labor Day or the 4th of July) when there is not a lot of traffic entering and exiting the restrooms.  If you don’t have employee availability or a large enough staff for an adequate deep clean, hire a cleaning service to take on the job.

3 BIG Reasons to Schedule a Commercial Floor Cleaning

yellow caution sign regarding wet floor that was cleaned by a commercial cleaning serviceThe forces of winter can have a significant impact on businesses. From the interruptions in productivity due to snow removal to delays in shipping, winter weather affects almost every aspect of day-to-day operations—including your facility flooring. While a commercial floor cleaning may seem insignificant, a good quality floor cleaning can have a positive effect in three important areas of your business.

Lengthen the life of your floors

Are your floors turning white from the salt and melting snow? If they are, you’re not alone. Office areas, production floors, and warehouses are all targets of damage from employees trekking in salt and snow from the sidewalks and parking lot. That salt and snow can get ground deep into your carpet fibers and tiles, causing long-term damage and earlier-than-normal replacement rates.

Decrease liability

The build-up of dirt, grime, and salt can cause your workplace floors to get slippery over time.   Though you and your employees may not notice at first, or dismiss it as a normal part of day-to-day operations, a slick floor can cause slips, falls, and the resulting injuries. An investment in a quality floor cleaning saves you the headaches and expenses of worker compensation claims later.

Maintain your professional image

A commercial floor cleaning can add value to your company in an abstract area: your professional image. As clients and vendors come through your doors, they build an opinion of your company, product, and services based on the cleanliness of your facilities. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to maintain your professional image: all you have to do is contact a reliable, experienced commercial cleaning company with an optimal date and time. A good company can meet your time frame when employees are not on the floor (i.e. overnight, early morning, late evening, etc) and leave you with a clean floor you’ll be proud to show off—and makes good cents in the long-run.