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Facility Managers: 6 Fall Building Deep Cleaning ‘Musts’

commercial building that needs summer building maintenanceFor facility managers, fall is more than a time of changing leaf colors and dropping temperatures. The fall season is the ideal time to check items off the fall cleaning checklist and prepare company buildings for the freezing temperatures to come.

Flooring Cleaning

The upcoming season dictates a full facility floor deep clean and advanced planning. Plan a fall facility floor cleaning for common company down times or contact a commercial cleaning service that can deep clean floors during off-hours. Schedule floor cleaning for times when office staff are gone (such as weekends) or factory shut-downs when the floor is empty. A regular floor stripping and deep cleaning protects facility floors from long-term damage. Regular floor deep cleanings also can save money in other ways, as well; if floors are not deep cleaned, incidences of workplace injuries can increase and the next floor clean can cost more because of excessive build-up.

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is an essential facility deep cleaning task, both for the health of the HVAC system and for employees. A comprehensive duct cleaning can improve system efficiency and overall employee air quality. Specifically, allergy sufferers are sure to thank facility managers; duct cleaning removes many common allergens, such as dust, mold, and mildew, and improve indoor air quality.

Restroom Sanitation

Regular restroom sanitation prevents the spread of illness and infections (i.e. cold viruses, stomach flu, influenza, hepatitis, etc.) which can reduce employee productivity and increase the amount of employee sick days (these other tips can keep employees healthy as well). Since winter is typically the time of year when illnesses spread, a complete restroom sanitation is a critical preventative measure.

Office Common Areas

Printers, conference rooms, kitchens, and other common areas can become a hotbed for germs and dust. Before windows are shut, and employees are trapped inside, do a general deep cleaning of office common areas.

Exterior Cleaning

A facility exterior cleaning is an important part of building maintenance; gutter cleaning, for example, can prevent ice dams and other issues throughout the winter. Other items on the exterior cleaning checklist should include parking lot maintenance, tree and bush trimming and clean-up, building pressure washing, window washing, and concrete washing. Allocate staff for exterior cleaning tasks that can be handled in-house, and outsource other exterior cleaning tasks to companies that can meet the seasonal deadline.

Rug Laundering

Rugs and mats are your first facility’s line of defense against tracked-in gravel and water. Strategically place rugs by all doors and in high traffic areas, such as hallways, restrooms, and break rooms. Track your employees’ activity to ensure that all high traffic areas are covered and the flooring does not wear down (and needs to be prematurely replaced). Have all rugs laundered regularly and promptly so they are ready to be replaced before more gravel—and even snow—is tracked in.

Business Fall Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist

Fall in Wisconsin is an opportunity for businesses, both internally and externally. This season is your chance to prepare for the inevitable deep freeze and snow that comes with our Midwestern winters, and to clean your office space and warehouse in preparation for winter business and all the melted water that gets tracked in during the winter. As a business manager, you can seize this opportunity in one of two ways: you can in-house the work to your maintenance and janitorial employees or you can outsource the work to an external company. Outsourcing does make sense for many businesses, regardless of size, as we discussed in our recent blog post. However you handle your business fall maintenance, you can utilize the same fall cleaning and maintenance checklist:

  1. Clean out the file cabinets & clear off desks. Is the pile of papers on employee desks as tall as your staff members? Though you’re all busy, set an hour or afternoon for cleaning desks and shared common cabinets. Bring in a shredder or large boxes for unneeded papers. Sort, organize and shred all unnecessary paper piles.
  2. Deep clean your kitchen. Even with regular cleaning, a quick deep clean by a professional can keep your kitchen functional and extend the life of your appliances.
  3. Remove the dust from curtains and blinds. Dust and grime can build up in your curtains and blinds and you may not notice; this can cause allergy issues for staff members.
  4. Organize and inventory. In your warehouse and office, clean, sort and take inventory of office supplies, product and raw materials. Dust and take stock of what you have so you’re prepared to process orders and customer inquiries efficiently and expediently.
  5. Give the floors a professional cleaning. Get your floors ready for the inevitable tracking of snow, ice and salt across your warehouse and office floor. Take this opportunity to get your floors cleaned beyond regular vacuuming and an occasional spot clean. Hire a professional cleaning service to wax, polish and carpet clean your facility during business off hours so your floors are protected from the winter grime. If you have area rugs by your exterior doors, get those professionally laundered as well—before the snow falls.
  6. De-landscaping. Now is the time when a thorough landscaping is not optional, especially when preparing for winter. Hire a maintenance service to clean out dying vegetation (such as flowers, shrubs, etc.), trim trees so you don’t have any issues with ice building up and dropping branches, clean up branches and leaves so your storm drains are clear and clean off walks and steps before they are coated in snow.
  7. Keep your outside as maintained as your inside. If you own your building, or are have an agreement with your landlord to maintain the parking lot, pick up the parking lot, lawns and outside areas around your workplace. Hire a professional cleaning service to power wash the building, seal the parking lot and keep the exterior of your building looking professional and clean. These small preventative tasks can save you a lot of headaches when the snow comes in, and even a few trips and falls from ice that dams up around your blocked storm drains.