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How to Get the Best Building Maintenance Company

very clean and well-maintained buildingBuilding maintenance is an essential part of facility operations that comes with multiple considerations. A building needs regular maintenance to extend system life and preserve property value while still staying in-budget and considering the long-term needs of the company.

While this seems contradictory, it is possible to find solutions that satisfy all those components. One of those solutions is outsourcing building maintenance to professionals. This effort can be cost-effective because it is often cheaper to contract with a company versus the total compensation of an employee. A comparative analysis can be done in three steps.

Evaluate building needs.

The evaluation starts with compiling a full list of building needs. The list should include what services are needed and the frequency that those services need to be performed. The list of building needs should be comprehensive and include daily and weekly tasks, such as vacuuming and floor cleaning, and seasonal spring and fall maintenance, such as HVAC maintenance.

When compiling this list, consider the amount of time required for the maintenance. Not every building requires full-time help or the cost of hiring a part-time employee. If the building is in another location or is a rental, it may be more convenient hiring a service rather than monitoring an employee.

In addition to building needs, companies should also consider the party responsible for monitoring the employee or communicating with a third-party service. This party is typically the facility manager or maintenance manager.

Interview prospective companies.

If a full analysis concludes that outsourcing is the right solution, the company should identify third-party vendors that can complete tasks on the building maintenance list. This list can include an HVAC company, cleaning company, and parking lot maintenance vendor. In addition to the cost quoted by the third-party vendors, companies should also consider service quality and the cost of working with multiple companies.

The latter should be a consideration for companies that want multiple services done without corresponding with multiple companies. Some companies offer more than one services, such as cleaning and building maintenance services, that add convenience to facility management.

Review contracts.

The last step is to review contract fine print. This should be part of the initial process and a continuing effort to control costs and refine services. Some consideration should also be given to future building maintenance that can reduce long-terms costs, such as light bulb maintenance. While there may be more up-front cost, the long-term savings can be worth the initial investment.

What can a cleaning service do for your business?

The question, “what can a cleaning service do for your business?” is a loaded question with a two-fold answer. One answer is that a commercial cleaning service can keep your office and warehouse space organized, your restrooms clean and your tenants satisfied. If you hire a commercial cleaning service like ZBM Clean, you can also request preventative maintenance done around your building, ensuring that your HVAC unit lasts longer and your building condition is prime.

The second answer to the question is an itemized list of potential cleaning, organization, preventative maintenance and construction tasks that can be done at your primary building or rental commercial space. While the list for many commercial cleaning services would stop at cleaning and organization, ZBM professional commercial cleaners can also do preventative maintenance and construction tasks needed around your business, including:

  • cleaning your office kitchen,
  • window and blind cleaning,
  • dusting office cubicles and counters,
  • regular vacuuming,
  • floor cleaning and waxing,
  • parking lot maintenance,
  • refilling supplies in the restroom,
  • landscaping,
  • removing and replacing ceiling tiles,
  • fixing drywall patches,
  • painting walls,
  • fixing and repairing HVAC units,
  • building inner offices,
  • restroom repairs,
  • installing new interior and exterior doors,
  • other facility preventative maintenance.

This list of cleaning and preventative maintenance tasks can be customized to your business’ needs on a schedule you specify. And while this answer is a very long answer to a very common question, ZBM Cleaning can answer other common commercial cleaning questions about cleaning and preventative maintenance tasks with a simple phone call, and back their answer up with prompt and quality cleaning and preventative maintenance service.

6 Winter Floor Cleaning Tips that Keep Your Floors Looking Great

Portrait of young beautiful woman lying on clean floor with laptop at homeWinter is officially here! Winter brings out snowmen, sledding, and all the ice and snow that comes with it. That snow and ice also comes into your house, leaving you with water puddles, mud, and gravel all over your floors. Floors you’ve invested a great deal of money (and effort) in to keep them looking great. So how do you can you keep your wood floors, tile, laminate, and carpet looking great in spite of the grime that comes with winter?

Put down rugs.

Rugs are a must for protecting your floors. Place rugs by all your doors and in high-traffic areas of your home to protect the flooring underneath.

Clean off your pets’ paws when they come in.

Keep a towel by the door so you can intercept your pets when they come in from outside. Wipe off their paws so you can avoid muddy tracks, and keep all the water and stones off your floor.

Have your family (and your guests) leave their shoes at the door.

If you don’t want to clean up the debris and puddles, don’t let it come in. Ask your family members and guests to take off their shoes when they enter your home.

Don’t hang up wet clothes over your wood floor.

When taking off snow pants, mittens, hats, scarves, and jackets after heading out into the snow, hang up your wet snow clothes in an area with tile or vinyl flooring (floors that don’t warp from water). If the only are you have for hanging clothes has laminate or wood flooring, put a mat over the floor to prevent water damage.

Sweep or dry mop your floors daily.

If you can’t tackle this task daily, try to get to it as often as you can or include it on the list of cleaning tasks you leave for your home cleaner. Sweeping allows you to remove the gravel and debris that was tracked in off your floors, reducing the chance for damage to your floor.

Make vacuuming a habit.

Vacuuming your carpet has the same effect that sweeping has on your wood floor. Vacuuming removes the debris that gets trapped in the fibers from regular foot traffic.

Schedule a regular deep clean to clean off the grime.

If you don’t have time to follow all these floor cleaning tips, contact a cleaning service for a free quote. Cleaning services do whatever cleaning tasks you request on a schedule you specify—keeping your home clean and your floors looking like they never had to deal with snow and mud of winter.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Cabin

Spring in Wisconsin means warmer temperatures (though we know that comes later at your cabin in northern Wisconsin), flowers blooming and a countdown to fun family weekends on the lake at your cabin. The season also means spring cleaning your cabin (and boat!) that has sat vacant since Labor Day. Cleaning your cabin and readying it for guests and fun family weekends is a task that needs to be done quickly and efficiently—which can be done as long as you use our spring cleaning checklist for your cabin:

  • Airing out cabin.
  • Washing comforters, sheets and quilts.
  • Making beds.
  • Cleaning your appliances (including the dishwasher, fridge, washer or stove).
  • Spider web removal.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Dusting ceiling fans and washing light fixture coverings.
  • Blind and curtain cleaning.
  • Clean the top of cabinets.
  • Cleaning bathroom counter(s).
  • Carpet and floor cleaning.
  • Power washing your cabin.
  • Vent cover cleaning.
  • Fireplace stone/tile and mantle clean up.
  • Cleaning sliding door tracks.
  • Scrub down showers.
  • Dust inside of cabinets.
  • Putting pier in lake.
  • Cleaning boat or jet skis.
  • Checking water toys for holes.
  • Washing outside chairs and table.
  • Inventorying and adding wood to your wood pile (if needed).

If you don’t have a spare weekend to prep for your family weekend at the cabin, or if your guests are planning to arrive at your cabin earlier than planned, contact us about scheduling a spring cleaning for your cabin. One simple call can take your spring cleaning checklist and boil it down to one box. That means one box to check off your spring cleaning checklist for your cabin so you can have fun during your family weekends at the lake.

What cleaning jobs can a cleaner do in your home?

The question “what cleaning jobs can a cleaner do in my home?” is a question we hear often from busy home owners who need help with cleaning their home, or vacation home up north. The short answer is: whatever you want. The long answer is a list of cleaning jobs that a cleaner can do around your home, and you can choose the cleaning jobs you need done in your home:

  • Folding laundry
  • Cleaning floors
  • Bathroom clean-up
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Cleaning and waxing floors,
  • Carpet cleaning,
  • Window cleaning,
  • Pressuring washing your house,
  • Changing the beds,
  • Mopping the floor,
  • Deep spring cleaning jobs,
  • Anything you need done!

If you have another cleaning task that’s not on the list, ask us. Chances are, one of our professional cleaners can help you out with your cleaning task at a scheduled time or times you specify, so you have a clean home—and a shorter list of cleaning jobs to do.

10 Home Cleaning Holiday Resolutions

2015 is here, and with it comes a host of resolutions about our weight, the food we eat and the amount of exercise we’re going to get in the New Year. But what about our houses? Have you made a resolution about the messiness that comes with our Wisconsin weather, the procrastination of home projects or the disorganization that comes with a busy personal and work schedule? Resolutions like:

  1. I will give my home the deep clean it deserves. Are all those deep cleaning projects piling up—those projects that go one step beyond your daily cleaning chores, such as washing the windows, deep cleaning the floors and scrubbing the grout? Now is the time to get those projects done. If you’ve looked at your calendar, and realized that you won’t have time any time in the future, call in the professionals to fulfill this resolution.
  2. I will know when to throw in the towel. Speaking of daily cleaning chores, do you feel like you are in an endless cycle of trying to keep up with the daily cleaning and never winning? Call a professional cleaning service for reinforcements that can clean the kitchen, wash and fold the laundry or clean the bathroom.
  3. I will give my floors a deep clean. Do your floors look like an army stampeded through, and left behind all the dirt, sand and mess? Is that dirty grout getting to you? You have two solutions: 1) rent a floor cleaner from a local store and take a day to get those dirty floors in shape or 2) hire a professional cleaner to clean your tile grout and deep clean those floors even better than the machines from the hardware store. Remember, it’s cheaper to clean than to replace floors.
  4. I will get my mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandma or grandpa help cleaning. Do you have an elderly or injured family member that can’t keep up with daily cleaning that comes with a house? Are you too busy trying to keep your house clean? There’s no shame in hiring a cleaning service to help. Hiring a cleaning service also gives you the chance to talk with your family member, instead of just cleaning during your visits.
  5. I will get the help that I need to keep the house running in spite of my busy schedule. With all the personal and professional commitments that come with a busy life, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a cleaner to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance that comes with owning a house. Contact a cleaner today to get the relief you need.
  6. I will get the grout in my bathrooms clean. Does that dirty grout turn your stomach? Do you stare at it wondering where it all came from, and know you won’t have time to clean it any time soon? Get the grout clean, and your stomach back in shape, this year. Contact a professional cleaner to give your grout the white glove cleaning it deserves.
  7. I will not let my floor look like my driveway—full of gravel and sand. Did your kids and pets track in snow, mud and gravel? Contact a cleaner to give those floors a professional deep clean that will last until spring.
  8. I will get my cabin up north cleaned before we head up on Memorial Day. If you can’t make the trek north before the summer, contact a cleaner who can wash your floors, clean your kitchen and get your bathroom ready for a summer of fun.
  9. I will power wash my house so it looks as good as the neighbor’s. Power washing is essential to keeping your house looking great, and eliminating the mold and mildew that grows on your siding. It’s also a maintenance project that should be done when the temperature is fairly mild. Watch the weather, and schedule a time when the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can’t, hire a professional cleaner that can.
  10. I will not procrastinate on calling the cleaning service. This is one of the most important house cleaning resolutions you can make. If you can’t keep up the daily cleaning, or the deep cleaning that your house needs, call a cleaning service today! Don’t procrastinate any more. Make the resolution to call your local southeastern and south central Wisconsin cleaning service with a great reputation for a white glove clean. Make 2015 the year of clean, so you can concentrate on all the other important things—your kids, your pets, your job, and your life.

Are you taking advantage of your company down time?

Whether your employees are taking off for the holidays, or you are shutting your Wisconsin business down between Christmas and New Years, don’t just lock your doors without taking advantage of an empty building. Down time is prime time to give your commercial building that deep clean that can only be accomplished when everyone is out of their office, your tenants are on vacation, the machines are not running in the shop and your customers and delivery truck drivers are not stopping by.

You can also get maintenance and repairs done so your building is clean and repaired for the new year:

  • cleaning your office kitchen,
  • dusting office cubicles and counters,
  • floor cleaning and waxing,
  • parking lot maintenance,
  • landscaping,
  • removing and replacing ceiling tiles,
  • fixing drywall patches,
  • painting walls,
  • fixing and repairing HVAC units,
  • building inner offices,
  • restroom repairs,
  • installing new interior and exterior doors.

Call your local southeastern Wisconsin cleaning company to schedule down time cleaning for your commercial building or rental property. Your tenants, employees and shop workers will be amazed when they return to their office or shop in the new year.

6 Times When We All Need (or wish for) a Cleaner

Even the most dedicated (or obsessed) clean-a-holic has days when they wish a cleaner would come in and save the day. Don’t we all just wish we could just snap and make the mess go away? Though we all try to deny those days exist, we’re calling out those “cleaning burned-out” moments:

  1. Your in-laws call. They’ll be over in 10 minutes. When you’re working, and running the kids around, and traveling, and, and, and… When life gets hectic, and stays hectic, something’s got to give. If that give is a clean house, cheat. Hire a cleaning service to maintain a clean house, so those last minute cleanings before your guests come over are not so frantic.
  2. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Able to stay ahead of the mess except for the holidays? Or need some help when your house needs a deep clean that your military father approves during white glove inspection? Hire cleaners on a quarterly basis, or for those days when you need a little extra help before your family invades. Remember, you don’t have to tell anyone that you hired cleaning help. It can be you and your cleaner’s dirty little secret.
  3. Puppy problems got you down. When your new puppy is not taking to potty training as easily as you anticipated, or you’re grossed out by your nasty floors, don’t rent one of those cheap floor cleaners from the hardware store. Give your floors a deep clean from professionals who know how to get your floors sparkling.
  4. No amount of air freshener can cover up the smell of a dirty office. You don’t need to name any names, but if your employee’s office is an embarrassment, or business is going so well that you don’t have time to clean the office, call the pros. Hire a cleaning service that can come during your business off time so you arrive to a clean office or warehouse that you can be proud of when your customers arrive.
  5. When you’ve had a new baby. You aren’t sleeping and are on medical restrictions. Treat yourself to a clean house in lieu of a full night’s sleep (you deserve it!). Perhaps you can even get a nap in while they clean?
  6. When your son (or co-worker) misses the toilet. No words needed. We had a friend who had a cleaner only come in to clean her bathrooms. This is why.

Though your mess might not be simple to clean up, the solution to your problem is simple: call a professional cleaning service to clean your Wisconsin home. Do you have any other times to add to the list? What did we miss?