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How much does a home cleaner cost?

washing plates a daily chore that can be done by a home cleanerThe questions “how much does a home cleaner cost?” or “how much does it cost for a home cleaning?” has a lot of answers, largely because the total home cleaning cost depends the amount of cleaning you require or the total square footage of your home. Home cleaners can do as many—or as few—-cleaning jobs you request. In general, most home cleaners can:

  • Fold clothes,
  • Clean floors,
  • Bathroom clean-up,
  • Wash dishes,
  • Wipe down and clean a kitchen,
  • Clean and wax floors,
  • Carpet cleaning,
  • Wash windows,
  • Change sheets on beds,
  • Mop floors,
  • Deep cleaning (i.e. spring cleaning, appliances, etc.),
  • Vacuum

Any home cleaner can (or should be able to) do whatever you ask, and the total cost is dependent on 1) whether the cleaner charges based on square footage or hourly; 2) whether you hire a home cleaning service or individual; and 3) the frequency of the home cleaner’s visits (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, as-needed, etc.).

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring an individual home cleaner or home cleaning service, and the choice is completely up to you. In general, you should base your decision on these factors:

  • Proof of insurance. Whether you use an individual or a cleaning service, ask for proof of insurance just in case any items at your business are damaged. Every cleaning service should be able to provide proof, as this is a routine part of business. Not every individual home cleaner has insurance. Another difference between the two entities is accountability; it’s far easier to hold a cleaning service accountable in case of an accident or a problem than an individual.
  • How much you need regular cleanings. One of the disadvantages of hiring an individual to clean your house is the “just-in-case” scenarios. What do you do when your cleaner gets sick—or their kids get sick, or they have an emergency? What do you do if your cleaner goes on vacation for two weeks when you have your kids’ birthday party scheduled? A cleaning service has back-up cleaners available to come clean when those scenarios occur—back-up cleaners with the same training and experience.
  • Amount of cleaning needed. In general, cleaning services can offer more services than an individual cleaner. Individual cleaners also usually require a regular home cleaning schedule. Hiring a cleaning service gives you the flexibility to bring in cleaners when you need to do the cleaning tasks you need.
  • Schedules. Your home cleaner should be able to come when you need. Often, individual home cleaners have limited availability, while home cleaning services have multiple home cleaners on staff that can come on a schedule you request.
  • Budget. Typically, individual cleaners offer cheaper rates than cleaning services but don’t offer proof of insurance or a flexible schedule—two factors that can mitigate cost. To find out if a cleaning service is within your budget, contact a cleaning service for a free quote. They’ll help you find out if a home cleaner is within your budget, and all the perks of a clean and organized house.

5 Common Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making

Cleaning your house is as simple as…cleaning your house, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no. We’re all guilty of making small mistakes in our cleaning routine that don’t achieve the clean, sparkling goal we set out with. Or worse, we damage surfaces because we don’t know any better, and make these common cleaning mistakes:

  1. Washing windows on a sunny day. It’s so tempting to wash those windows when the shining sun reveals the dog noses, fingerprints and streaks that you don’t normally see. Unfortunately, the sun is also the enemy as you wash windows. The sun dries out your cleaner before you get the job done.
  2. Scrubbing carpet stains. Do you apply some serious elbow grease into scrubbing those pet stains, spilled juice or muddy footprints? You may be damaging your carpet fibers. Next time you need to clean up carpet stains, don’ scrub. Blot at your carpet with a moist cloth to remove the spill.
  3. Mopping your wood floor with water. Repeat after us: water and wood do not mix. Sitting water is the enemy for wood floors, causing water damage and warped floor boards. To clean your floors, use a cleaner and soft dust mop to clean up spills and give your floors a new shine.
  4. Being unintentionally abrasive. Is that sponge the right tool for your cleaning? What effect will that cleaner have on the surface you’re working on? Don’t go into a cleaning job without knowing if you are going to damage that flooring, counter top, table or other surface you’re cleaning.
  5. Stressing out because you can’t do it all. This is one of the worst cleaning mistakes: not taking time for yourself, or spending all your free time trying to keep up with the daily and monthly cleaning tasks around your house. Contact a cleaning service to arrange a schedule that works for you, giving you a clean house so you can keep up with your busy schedule and still have a clean house.

Remember, hiring a cleaning service does not have to mean that you give up cleaning your house. If you need a cleaning service only before you entertain guests, contact a local, reliable cleaning service. Another option is to give your cleaning service a specific task, such as laundry or bathrooms. It’s easy to do: just call the cleaning service and give instructions about what you want done. The cleaning service will send out a cleaner who won’t make common cleaning mistakes, and you can have a brand new home.

What cleaning jobs can a cleaner do in your home?

The question “what cleaning jobs can a cleaner do in my home?” is a question we hear often from busy home owners who need help with cleaning their home, or vacation home up north. The short answer is: whatever you want. The long answer is a list of cleaning jobs that a cleaner can do around your home, and you can choose the cleaning jobs you need done in your home:

  • Folding laundry
  • Cleaning floors
  • Bathroom clean-up
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Cleaning and waxing floors,
  • Carpet cleaning,
  • Window cleaning,
  • Pressuring washing your house,
  • Changing the beds,
  • Mopping the floor,
  • Deep spring cleaning jobs,
  • Anything you need done!

If you have another cleaning task that’s not on the list, ask us. Chances are, one of our professional cleaners can help you out with your cleaning task at a scheduled time or times you specify, so you have a clean home—and a shorter list of cleaning jobs to do.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s clear to spring has come to Wisconsin. The temperatures are rising, snow is thawing and the spring mud is threatening our homes. That’s right: threatening. While Wisconsinites love spring, trying to keep your home clean and tackle spring cleaning among the mud is a challenge for even the most fastidious homeowner. What’s even more of a challenge is trying to stay organized in your spring cleaning efforts (and to keep your family on task).

Take a deep breath. Don’t worry. We’ve come up with a spring cleaning checklist suitable for most Wisconsin homeowners so you can check off your finished spring cleaning tasks:

  • Cleaning your appliances (including the dishwasher, fridge, washer or stove).
  • Removing spider webs.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Dusting ceiling fans and washing light fixture coverings.
  • Blind and curtain cleaning.
  • Clean the top of cabinets.
  • Grout cleaning.
  • Carpet and floor cleaning.
  • Power washing your house.
  • Vent cleaning.
  • Washing comforters and quilts.
  • Fireplace stone/tile and mantle clean up.
  • Cleaning sliding door tracks.
  • Scrub down showers.
  • Dust inside of cabinets.

If you are a fastidious homeowner who doesn’t have time to clean up that spring mud, and get all the other essential spring cleaning tasks done, contact a professional cleaner who can give your home a deep spring clean. Enjoy your finished checklist of spring cleaning tasks, and then head outside with your fellow Wisconsinites to enjoy the warm spring temperatures.

Get a Jump on Home Spring Cleaning

No matter what the ground hog predicted, spring fever is in the air.  Wisconsin residents are ready for the warm spring temperatures, even though winter is in full force. While we can’t bring you spring, we can bring you spring cleaning tasks you can tackle even in the middle of our cold Wisconsin winter—spring cleaning tasks that are sure to bring hope for spring:

  1. Winter is an ideal time to sort, organize and clear out unwanted clutter. A few minutes of organizing and cleaning a day, or a few hours on one day, can keep your home neat, tidy and free of clutter.
  2. Remove cob webs. It’s amazing how even if you don’t see a spider, webs seem to magically appear throughout your home. Take a good broom to those pesky cob webs, and a towel to clean the walls around the web if needed.
  3. Clean tile grout. For tile in your bathroom or kitchen, give your tile a good washing and your grout a good scrubbing. Tile can be wiped down with a soft, non-abrasive cloth; grout should be cleaned with a brush specially produced for the project. Use water for mild dirt, or a vinegar-water mixture to lift the stains.
  4. Wash the inside of your windows. No one wants to be outside in the biting winds getting frostbite from our cold Wisconsin winter. Go after the problem from the inside; use a soft non-abrasive cloth for wiping the glass. Use a second rag to wipe down the window frame (do this before cleaning the glass).
  5. Blind and curtain cleaning. As long as you’re cleaning the window, you might as well clean the blinds and curtains too, right? Use a long narrow duster for plastic blinds, or spray and wipe down with a cloth. Throw washable curtains in the wash machine to give them a much-needed clean.

If you don’t have time for spring cleaning now or even in the spring, hire a professional cleaner to give your home a deep clean. We can’t give you spring, but we can give you a spring cleaning that makes you feel like it’s spring—even with a foot of snow outside.

10 Home Cleaning Holiday Resolutions

2015 is here, and with it comes a host of resolutions about our weight, the food we eat and the amount of exercise we’re going to get in the New Year. But what about our houses? Have you made a resolution about the messiness that comes with our Wisconsin weather, the procrastination of home projects or the disorganization that comes with a busy personal and work schedule? Resolutions like:

  1. I will give my home the deep clean it deserves. Are all those deep cleaning projects piling up—those projects that go one step beyond your daily cleaning chores, such as washing the windows, deep cleaning the floors and scrubbing the grout? Now is the time to get those projects done. If you’ve looked at your calendar, and realized that you won’t have time any time in the future, call in the professionals to fulfill this resolution.
  2. I will know when to throw in the towel. Speaking of daily cleaning chores, do you feel like you are in an endless cycle of trying to keep up with the daily cleaning and never winning? Call a professional cleaning service for reinforcements that can clean the kitchen, wash and fold the laundry or clean the bathroom.
  3. I will give my floors a deep clean. Do your floors look like an army stampeded through, and left behind all the dirt, sand and mess? Is that dirty grout getting to you? You have two solutions: 1) rent a floor cleaner from a local store and take a day to get those dirty floors in shape or 2) hire a professional cleaner to clean your tile grout and deep clean those floors even better than the machines from the hardware store. Remember, it’s cheaper to clean than to replace floors.
  4. I will get my mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandma or grandpa help cleaning. Do you have an elderly or injured family member that can’t keep up with daily cleaning that comes with a house? Are you too busy trying to keep your house clean? There’s no shame in hiring a cleaning service to help. Hiring a cleaning service also gives you the chance to talk with your family member, instead of just cleaning during your visits.
  5. I will get the help that I need to keep the house running in spite of my busy schedule. With all the personal and professional commitments that come with a busy life, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a cleaner to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance that comes with owning a house. Contact a cleaner today to get the relief you need.
  6. I will get the grout in my bathrooms clean. Does that dirty grout turn your stomach? Do you stare at it wondering where it all came from, and know you won’t have time to clean it any time soon? Get the grout clean, and your stomach back in shape, this year. Contact a professional cleaner to give your grout the white glove cleaning it deserves.
  7. I will not let my floor look like my driveway—full of gravel and sand. Did your kids and pets track in snow, mud and gravel? Contact a cleaner to give those floors a professional deep clean that will last until spring.
  8. I will get my cabin up north cleaned before we head up on Memorial Day. If you can’t make the trek north before the summer, contact a cleaner who can wash your floors, clean your kitchen and get your bathroom ready for a summer of fun.
  9. I will power wash my house so it looks as good as the neighbor’s. Power washing is essential to keeping your house looking great, and eliminating the mold and mildew that grows on your siding. It’s also a maintenance project that should be done when the temperature is fairly mild. Watch the weather, and schedule a time when the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can’t, hire a professional cleaner that can.
  10. I will not procrastinate on calling the cleaning service. This is one of the most important house cleaning resolutions you can make. If you can’t keep up the daily cleaning, or the deep cleaning that your house needs, call a cleaning service today! Don’t procrastinate any more. Make the resolution to call your local southeastern and south central Wisconsin cleaning service with a great reputation for a white glove clean. Make 2015 the year of clean, so you can concentrate on all the other important things—your kids, your pets, your job, and your life.

5 BIG Questions to Ask When Hiring a Cleaning Service

When hiring a cleaning company for your home or business, you’ve got questions about your residential or commercial cleaning service and what to expect. We understand, and have answers for you when it works for you—just like our cleaners who provide quality cleaning when you need it:

Do I have to be there when the cleaner is there?

No and yes. It’s up to you. Homeowners or business personnel do not have to be present when our cleaners come in for cleaning. We do ask that you secure pets or animals when our cleaners come in, and provide a secure entrance system. If we’re cleaning carpets or floors we prefer that you do not stay (or perhaps hide in your office and read a good book!) for safety reasons.  We don’t want you to slip on a wet floor or trip on a hose.

Who supplies cleaning products?

Our cleaning cost includes all chemicals and equipment.  However, if you have a specific cleaning product you want us to use, that would have to be provided by you.

How often does the cleaner come?

Our cleaners are flexible. We can set regular cleanings based on your schedule, or come in and clean before you have a family holiday or company event. For businesses, our cleaners are also available during your company’s off hours, giving you a clean office or work area for your employees when they arrive. Some of our accounts are served 7 days per week and some are upon request.  We work within your budgets!

Do they do whole-home or business cleanings every time?

What do you need? Our cleaners can clean only the bathrooms or floors, or give your home or business a deep, “white-glove” clean every time. We can also establish quarterly or annual cleanings of your duct work, windows and blinds.  You decide on your cleaning and maintenance needs and wants. We work with you to set the cleaning schedule and scope at a cost that fits your budget.

How can I set up a cleaning?

Give us a call or send us an email.  We’re here to serve you.

What other questions do you have for a cleaning service?

Is your cabin ready for the holidays?

Are you and your family heading north to your cabin for the holidays? Is the cabin ready? With the large to-do list that comes with the holidays, heading up to your cabin in northern Wisconsin to clean and get it ready is probably last on your list.


You rented your cabin out to snowmobilers or snowboarders looking to take advantage of the recent snow fall. However, with all you have to do before Christmas, cleaning up the cabin and getting it ready for your renters is not going to happen.

What’s the answer to your dilemma? Hire a professional local cleaner in northern Wisconsin to do a deep clean.

Fortunately, that solution is not as complex as it seems. You don’t have to worry about interviewing local cleaners, or making the several hour drive up to the cabin for a short orientation. All you have to do is contact a local southeastern Wisconsin cleaning company based out of Watertown with a proven track record.

In addition to providing commercial and residential cleaning services throughout Watertown and surrounding communities, ZBM Cleaning also offers cleaning services for homeowners around Minocqua. Their professional cleaners can do whatever you need done:

  • vacuuming,
  • cleaning bathrooms,
  • sweeping,
  • making beds,
  • laundry,
  • window and blind cleaning,
  • dusting,
  • cleaning your kitchen.

The cleaners can have all the work done by your deadline when you specify or on a regular schedule that you set. It only takes one call to get the result: a white-glove cleaning job that allows you to enjoy the cabin with your family, a cabin ready for your renters and an enjoyable, worry-free Christmas and New Years.

Why Cleaning is the Perfect Gift for the Person That Has Everything

Do you have someone on your gift list that has everything they could ever want?  Are you racking your brain to find a gift to give them that they don’t already have? It could be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, cousin…someone who doesn’t need anything more. What they do need is time, or a helping hand. So what do you give them? Give them something practical and essential. Give them the gift of cleaning this holiday. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long, and is a good gift for other reasons as well:

  1. They have EVERYTHING. They don’t need another sweater, suit or coat. They have everything they could need. Cleaning is a necessity all year long.
  2. Your parent or grandparent can’t do it anymore. If your mom, dad, grandma or grandpa can’t physically clean, call in the professionals. They can take care of their home all year long, so your parents or grandparents don’t have to worry, and you don’t have to worry about them.
  3. You can’t do it anymore. Have you been working and trying to keep up with the cleaning at your parents’ or grandparents’ home? Give them professional cleaning so you can gain back your time, or your health. If you can’t physically clean their house because of back or other health issues, buy them the gift of cleaning so you are both healthy and happy.
  4. Somebody needs to take care of their house while they are away. If a busy professional is on your list, and they work long hours or take business trips, give them the freedom to just be at home when they are home—instead of cleaning.
  5. It’s an affordable gift. While a cleaning service is typically regarded as a luxury, cleaning services are surprisingly affordable with different prices dependent upon what your gift recipient needs done.
  6. Your gift recipient can set the schedule. Whether it’s a regular weekly routine clean, a monthly or quarterly deep clean, or an as-needed basis, your gift recipient can make sure that this gift fits their schedule while enjoying all the benefits.

The best part of this gift?  You don’t have to look far—or go far—to find professional cleaners with a good reputation, affordable pricing and excellent service. Contact ZBM. They offer professional home cleaning for homeowners—and gift recipients—from Watertown to Fort Atkinson to Cambridge, Wisconsin and everywhere in between. A quick call to ZBM can make your holiday shopping easier, and your gift recipient’s holiday and year merrier.

6 Time-Saving Holiday Hosting Preparation Tips

Aunt Bonnie is coming over. And Uncle Joe. And Uncle Joe’s girlfriend and son. And, and, and…whether you are hosting 5 or 50 for the holidays, you’re feeling the pinch of preparing for the holidays and for the holiday family get together. The good news: there are services you can use during the holidays to keep up with the ever-growing list of to do’s (and that’s in addition to your busy professional schedule and kids’ commitments). So what can you do to tackle your holiday to-do list?

  1. Hire a cleaning service for the month or day. You have a million other things to do…gifts to buy, a menu to prepare, cookies to make with the kids (along with work and school)…why spend your time cleaning? Hire a local cleaning service for the month of December or for a day right before your family gathering. Have the cleaners give your home that deep clean from top to bottom, so you can focus on the important holiday prep details.
  2. Have your gifts wrapped at the store. When you have tons of presents to buy and organize, be efficient. Have the professionals at the store or online store wrap your gifts. If you are buying presents online for family and friends that live out-of-state, have the gifts wrapped and shipped directly to them—saving you a trip to the post office.
  3. Leave snow removal to the professionals. Save your back and time. Hire a snow removal service to clean your driveway for winter. Make sure you ask them to come and clean an area for parking right before your family arrives.
  4. Make a list (and check it twice). Now is not the time to be inefficient. Make a to-do list, and check it twice to make sure you are staying ahead of the work. If you can’t keep up, look for services (decorating, cleaning, etc.) to help check items off the list.
  5. Use a party planning app. There are several party planning apps that help break down the list of what needs to be done and when. Download your preferred app on your phone so you can stay on top of your holiday party details no matter where you are.
  6. Prepare as many dishes as you can ahead of time. Find recipes that allow you to prepare your dishes a few days or even week in advance. Avoid the last minute rush. Use slow cookers and roasters to help you prepare appetizers and side dishes.

The first step: take a deep breath. Then, get organized. Make a list of services you trust, such as a local cleaning service and snow removal company. If you are planning on heading up north with your family for the holidays, contact a cleaning service to clean your cabin and have it ready before you head to northern Wisconsin. Don’t forget to make the biggest preparation: for the celebration after it’s all done and everyone has gone home.