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Quick and Complete Checklist for Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen may the source of a delicious meal and incredible family time, but all that time in the heart of the home comes with a long kitchen cleaning checklist. There are so many areas that can get dirty in a kitchen (okay, gross), which is why the kitchen requires regular, quick cleanings and an occasional deep clean.

This quick and complete kitchen cleaning checklist makes the whole process easier, especially in busy households with limited time for cleaning! If keeping up with kitchen cleaning becomes more of a chore, it may be time to time to hire a professional. It’s worth it to get a clean, sanitized kitchen—one that you can enjoy and be proud to call the heart of your home.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

___ Pick up and wipe down counters

___ Wash dishes

___ Clean out the sink

___ Sweep kitchen floors

___ Wash stove top

___ Empty dishwasher (and refill)

___ Clean out and toss old food items from the refrigerator

___ Launder and replace kitchen linens and rags

___ Take out trash

Professional cleaning tip: Spray cleaner on dried-on grime or hard-to-clean greasy spills (if cleaner won’t damage or stain the surface) while you do another cleaning task. This simple kitchen cleaning tip loosens the mess and makes it easier to clean.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist

___ Launder (if directed) or clean window treatments

___ Clean light fixtures

___ Wipe down top of cabinets

___ Dust cabinets and shelving

___ Wash walls

___ Dust cabinet doors

___ Clean stove hood

___ Wash windows

___ Clean microwave (inside and out)

___ Wash stove top

___ Launder and deep clean kitchen linens

___ Clean top of refrigerator and appliances

___ Wash refrigerator interior and shelves

___ Mop under appliances

___ Clean dishwasher (inside and out)

___ Deep clean sink and garbage disposal

___ Remove oven grime and clean inside of oven

___ Clean exterior of stove and oven

___ Wipe down countertop appliances

___ Clean kitchen backsplash and grout

___ Dust wall trim

___ Disinfect and clean trash cans

___ Deep clean pet bowls

___ Mop/deep clean floors

Professional kitchen cleaning tip: Gather your cleaning supplies before you start your kitchen deep clean and start at the top of the room. Work your way to the bottom. This ensures that you don’t have to clean a surface twice and makes your deep cleaning goes faster.

What is the cost of a home cleaning?

sink full of dishes at home in need of a home cleanerThere are a variety of factors that go into the average cost of a home clean. We’ve cleaned homes across southeastern Wisconsin; every homeowner has a different cleaning list for their home cleaner. To complete that list, the extent of the deep clean varies as well; obviously, it takes longer to clean a large kitchen over a smaller, more compact room.

The best way to answer the question is work through a multi-step process. The first step is to decide what cleaning tasks need to be done in the home. A home cleaner can do any of the following tasks: laundry, floor cleaning, bathroom and kitchen deep cleans, carpet cleanings, seasonal cleaning (i.e. spring cleaning, washing windows), or a full-home deep clean. Make a list of cleaning tasks, document the estimated square footage of the room or home, and the frequency of the home cleaning (i.e. weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) This information is going to be needed when contacting a local home cleaning service.

The next step in determining the cost of home cleaning is to determine whether to hire an individual home cleaner or home cleaning service. There are pros and cons to each home cleaning option.

  • An individual home cleaner tends to cost less, but doesn’t always have the flexibility to meet the needs of a thriving home. A home cleaning service should be able to meet the set schedule, as well as any “emergency” cleanings that need to be completed (i.e. before a party or the holidays, after a mess, etc.)
  • When an individual home cleaner has an emergency, there are no back-ups. A home cleaning service has a team of flexible and experienced home cleaners available at request, and to cover scheduled cleanings when a cleaner is sick or another issue arises.
  • Not all individual cleaners carry insurance that can be invaluable to a homeowner in case of an issue while cleaning; home cleaning services typically do (this should be one of many questions asked when hiring a home cleaner).

The last step is contacting home cleaners and asking them a series of questions. These questions can be asked in-person or via message. Make sure you are clear on all prices; some home cleaners charge hourly while others charge per square foot. To ensure a satisfactory performance and experience, make your expectations clear and keep an open line of communication with the home cleaner or cleaning service.