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Office Cleaning Services: 10 Useful Office Cleaning Tips from the Pros

A dirty office is the source of everything bad: disorganization, bad first impression for customers, allergy attacks, workplace injuries, and the spread of many illnesses. That’s why we’ve put together a complete list of office cleaning tips that get you a safer, cleaner office. (For an after-hours office cleaning, bring in professional office cleaners.)

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How to Keep Your Office Germ Free (with Cleaning Checklist)

sick employee holding head at officeThe amount of money lost by US employers is staggering; sick employees cost the US more than 500 billion every year. Any business owner or manager can attest to the fact that sick employees are a major disruption. Sick employees can attest to the fact that sick days are no fun and that germs can spread like wildfire through the office.

Fortunately, there are strategic ways to prevent the spread of germs and stop the transmission of flu, cold, strep, and other illnesses. The easiest way is to make disinfecting wipes available to employees. Wipes can be stored with cleaning supplies and in common areas where employees can use them to clean equipment.

Hand washing is the next line of defense. In busy offices where employees can’t get away, strategically-placed hand sanitizer is an easy way to prevent the spread of germs. Hand sanitizer should be put out in areas where employees have convenient access, such as common areas.

When even the best efforts to stem the flow of germs fails, a full workplace disinfection is the only solution. Office cleaning can be done during by internal staff during business hours (using the workplace disinfection checklist below) or completed by a commercial cleaning service after-hours. A commercial cleaning service tasked with an after-hours disinfection minimizes disruptions and ensures that the cleaning is done all-at-once or periodically to rid the office of germs.

Office Disinfection Checklist

  • ___ Wipe down door knobs (exterior & interior)
  • ___ Disinfect printer, scanner, and fax machine controls
  • ___ Wash candy bowls
  • ___ Clean desktops and staplers
  • ___ Disinfect phone cradle, handsets, and headsets
  • ___ Remove germs from every computer keyboard and mouse (use this step-by-step guide on disinfecting computer keyboard)
  • ___ Disinfect trash cans
  • ___ Wipe down office chairs
  • ___ Clean all conference room furniture, including countertops, tables, and chairs
  • ___ Sanitize the kitchen
    • Kitchen faucet
    • Kitchen appliances (toaster, microwave, stove, etc.)
    • Chairs and tables
    • Kitchen refrigerator (door, handle & interior)
    • Kitchen cabinet knobs
    • Dishwasher controls
  • ___ Disinfect the coffee maker (all handles and controls)
  • ___ Sanitize the bathroom
    • Faucets
    • Paper towel dispensers
    • Counters
    • Bathroom door handles
    • Hand dryer controls
    • Toilet seats and handles
    • Stall door handles
    • Stall garbage cans
    • Soap dispensers
    • Bathroom waste receptacles

Your Complete Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

yellow caution sign that says "Caution wet floor" part of a safe workplaceKeeping your office space clean is more than just a labor of love; it’s also a matter of practicality, employee health and productivity, and maintaining a professional work space.  To achieve all of those goals, your commercial cleaning service or in-house cleaning crew should be working off of this list to keep your work space clean and productive.  If either crew is not living up to you (or your visitors’) expectations, it’s time to use this complete commercial office cleaning checklist when you start the process of choosing a new cleaning crew—and contacting each cleaning service for a quote.

Reception Area

  • Dust common areas
  • Clean cobwebs
  • Vacuum rugs
  • Vacuum or mop floors
  • Wipe down and sanitize phone
  • Clean top of desk
  • Clean computer screen

Conference Room

  • Dust common areas
  • Clean cobwebs
  • Wipe down tables
  • Vacuum or mop floors
  • Sanitize door knobs


  • Dust common areas
  • Clean cobwebs
  • Vacuum floors
  • Vacuum rugs
  • Wipe down and sanitize phones
  • Clean tops of desks
  • Clean computer screens
  • Sanitize handles (periodically)
  • Clean off top of cubicle walls (periodically)
  • Sanitize door knobs (periodically)


  • Wash dishes
  • Wipe down and sanitize countertops
  • “Elbow grease clean” your sink
  • Sanitize the faucet
  • Maintain your garbage disposal
  • Clean out refrigerator (periodically-let everyone know when so they can remove their items from the fridge!)
    • Wipe down every shelf
    • Pull out any drawers and scrub them out
    • Vacuum behind the refrigerator
    • Dust down the top of the refrigerator
    • Sanitize the door handle
    • Wipe down the front of the refrigerator
  • Mop the floor
  • Vacuum rugs
  • Clean down tables
  • Remove cobwebs & dust tops of cabinets (periodically)
  • Sanitize door knobs
  • Wash windows (periodically)
  • Clean the stove (periodically-if applicable)
    • Clean the oven
    • Wipe down the stove top
    • Sanitize all surfaces and handles
  • Clean out crumbs from the toaster and wipe down (periodically-don’t forget to unplug it first)
  • Make any repairs (tables, cabinets, chairs, etc.) to kitchen furniture and items (periodically)


  • Empty trash (main trash can and restroom stalls)
  • Putt new bags in trash cans
  • Wash down counters and mirrors
  • Refill soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and toilet seat liners/covers)
  • Clean toilets and urinals (bowl, seat, handle, and tank)
  • Disinfect handles (toilet and paper towel dispenser), door knobs, and faucets
  • Sweep and mop floor