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10 Cleaning Tips that Protect Office Floors from Snow

office space in a facility where they are analyzing outsourcing or in-house cleaningProtecting office floors from the ice, snow, and salt that comes with our freezing Midwestern winters is more than just an effort to keep your office presentable. Well-cared for office floors are an effort that also keeps office staff safe and lengthens the life of office floors.

The effort to protect office floors starts outside the door. Often, the culprit of dirty floors is neglected sidewalks and parking lots. Office staff and visitors track the grime in, creating a build-up that can be difficult (and more expensive) to remove.

For that reason and for staff safety, extra care should be taken to keep parking lots clear of snow and ice. Designate a staff member or service who is responsible for the task and ensure that the parking lot is cleaned prior to and whenever our snowy Wisconsin winter strikes.


  • Add rugs by all exterior doors to protect floors from salt and snow that is tracked in.
  • Replace rugs and mats as they get damaged and worn.
  • Vacuum and mop lobbies regularly to keep them clean and safe.


Hard Floors

  • Use a light mop to remove melted snow and salt. (This is also an important safety measure.)
  • Mop floors regularly to remove salt, which can damage and wear down floors.
  • Schedule a regular floor stripping and waxing.
  • Don’t miss a deep cleaning, which can cost more if salt and dirt build-up.

Tips for Prepping Your Building Floors for the Snow

company building covered in snow that can get tracked in and cause workplace injuriesWinter in Wisconsin is inevitable; it’s also hard on commercial floors, damaging and staining facility hard floors and carpets. That’s why it makes cents for your company’s bottom line to take these steps to prepare your building floors for all the snow, sleet, and precipitation that comes with our Wisconsin winters.

Start with outdoor maintenance.

Gravel and water are the main culprits of floor damage, which is why it’s important to take steps to keep it out of your building. Hire a service or assign a staff member to clean the driveway and walks, and keep them clear throughout the day.

Use rugs strategically.

Rugs and mats are your first line of defense against tracked-in gravel and water. Strategically place rugs by all doors and in high traffic areas, such as hallways, restrooms, and break rooms. Track your employees to ensure that all high traffic areas are covered and the flooring does not wear down (and needs to be prematurely replaced). Have all rugs laundered regularly and promptly so they are ready to be replaced before more snow is tracked in.

Maintain your floors.

Just as preventative maintenance protects office and company machines from premature break downs, floor maintenance protects facility floors from long-term damage. Schedule regular hard floor and carpet cleanings to prevent undue wear and tear, and add regular vacuuming and sweeping to your daily cleaning list. Regular floor deep cleanings also can save money in other ways, as well; if floors are not deep cleaned, incidences of workplace injuries can increase and the next floor clean can cost more because of excessive build-up.

Provide areas for winter gear.

Winter gear is a natural part of winter, and another way water and gravel is tracked onto facility floors. To protect your floors and assist your employees, give them places to keep their winter gear and take them off when they walk in the door.